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How do I get my 4mth old baby to sleep thru the nite??? Lock Rss

Hi, I would like to know how to make my 4mth old baby to sleep longer thru the nite?

He is my 1st and is quite good little baby. He sleeps 2-3hrs and then wakes up for a feed and then straight to sleep again.

Its a constant wake up at nite and would like some suggestions that may help my little sleep a little longer.

What's you daytime routine (feeds, sleeps etc)?
hi there i have a 4&half old girl who doesnt the same though is actually worse than your bub,after her bath & bottle she wakes in 45mins at times than can take ages to resettle 1 night it took 3hrs to resettle her and shes been waking every 2 hrs now,and she doesnt seem to sleep for long during the day for around 45-1hr and wont resettle.

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Hi Ant
I have a pretty good sleeper, bottle at 7pmish in bed before 8, a rollover bottle at 10:30pm then sleeps through to 6-7am. But to help answer your question, what's your routine at the moment? Are you boob or bottle? Does he sleep well during the day? Do you wrap? What's he sleep in? etc..... We all want to help.
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