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4 and 1/2 month old - help me Lock Rss

I have a 4 and 1/2 month old that is very happy and content during the day with about 2 sleeps of an hour if I am lucky but nightime is a whole different story.

He is asleep by 7pm and wakes about 11pm, 2am, 5am for feeds but last night he wanted a feed every 2 hours. I have a 2 year old girl as well so I am so drained with this sleeping or lack of. I no longer wrap him and am breastfeeding.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Cheers Tammy

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hi there
has it only been since u unwrapped him? is he in a sleeping bag of some ort? Alos ois he drinking alot at each feed? does he take a dummy? Hve u thought of control comforting? its not for everyone, but it worked for me

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My bub is 4 & 1/2 months aswell and the only suggestion I can think of is make him sleep more in the day and maybe try and get a routine going. Jeb used to be a really horrible sleeper but as soon as I got him on to a routine he just thrived. Both of us are really happy with it. During the day he is awake for 2 hours and is down to sleep for 2 hours twice a day with a 30min to 1 hour nap in the afternoon. He sleeps from 7:30/8 pmish through to 6-7am with a rollover feed at 10:30pm. He is on the bottle but in the beginning I was b/fing. I still wrap Jeb but am in the process of helping him to sleep unwrapped by taking an arm out for a few days then the next etc.... Maybe start wrapping him again and "wean" him out of it slowly. Help him sleep longer during the day. I was quite strick with Jeb for about a week when we first started his routine. If he woke up during his day sleeps I would try and help him get back to sleep. To start with we went by the clock to get into the routine but after a couple weeks we both got into the habit we didn't even look at clocks. Sometimes I would have to wake him when he was "due" for his next feed but now he does it all himself (4 hourly feeds) It also sounds like he hasn't learnt to self-settle and is using you as a sleep aid during the night. Does he feed for long at each feed? If he doesn't than he is using you. Sounds nasty I know, but you have to teach him to sleep without you there and without boob. Hope some of my ramblings have made sense to you and can help. Good luck smile
I totally agree with Jeb's Mum, my little one who is 4 months is on the same routine as Jeb and it is great execpt she doesn't have a dream feed as she sleeps through the night and is also on solids. When we are out of routine Catherine can get unsettled and then she can be a nightmare to get to sleep at night. So try getting your little one into a routine with perhaps a dreamfeed before you go to bed and see how you go. Good Luck smile

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