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How to keep him covered? Lock Rss

Hi hope you guy's have some sugestions out there.

My five month old son who is being a horrible sleeper at the moment (Another topic of conversation) will not stay tucked or covered up during the night.

Stopped wrapping him at about 10 weeks as he would always wriggle till he got his hands free then he would be happy and settle.

Then he lernt that if he kicked enough it would undo and he then would pull it up over his face. (Much to my horror when i found him like this!)

No matter what i do he kicks off his sheet and no matter how many times i cover him back up it soon will be kicked off.

Any suggestions would be great as with winter coming i don't really want to be up every hour covering him cause he's cold.


Kathy, QLD, Lucas 24/10/03

Hi There

My son is seven months old and is similar in that he doesn't like being covered - we gave up wrapping him really early (like after about a month) as he would just wriggle and kick like crazy to get free from the blanket/wrap.

Anyway, what we do now is we just wait until he is actually pretty well asleep and place the blanket or sheet over him then. I sometimes tuck it in, but not always. He tends to keep the sheet on him while he is asleep. Of course, once he is awake again, off it comes, but at least it keeps the warmth in when he is sleeping.

Hope this helps!
Hi Grizz Bear

We stopped wrapping our son at around 5 months because he was getting out of it anyway, and then he started kicking his sheets and blankets off as well!!! It was OK as it was coming into summer so it didn't matter anyway. He's 9 months old now and all he has in the cot is his bottom sheet and I've bought a couple of baby sleeping bags made out of polar fleece which keep him really warm - he wears a jumpsuit underneath. You can get them at most places that sell baby clothes. Hope this helps.

Hi Kathy,
My 5 month old does the same, we stopped wrapping her about a month ago when we started to teach her to go to sleep herself. She then proceeded to kick blankets off & I was constantly having to cover her in the middle of the night. When the nights have been getting a bit cool I have used a "sleeping bag" to put her in so when she does kick off the covers she is still warm enough to stay asleep. Hope this helps.


Hi everyone,

I agree with the last couple of posts! I always dress my children for bed, as if they have no covers! For little ones, thick all in ones are great!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I agree with Tepe.....I just dress my baby as if she is wearing her blankets. Last winter, early spring, it meant that some nights she wore a singlet and two all in one suits to bed. Mostly I just put her in a grow suit (a terry-towelling one) underneath and then a fleece one on top. I also put her to sleep without any blankets and then go in before I go to bed and put a blanket over her....I find then at least I don't worry that she might be cold.

You can also get some very good baby sleeping bags, however the good ones are about $70 each, and although I think they'd probably work,...I've never tried one 'cos I can't afford to spend that much.

Anyway,...what I do works for me so far!!


You don't have to spend that much for a baby sleeping bag, although i am sure there are great products out there for that price! Many department store like Big W, Target and Best and less have great baby sleeping bags for about $15- $20, Bonds even sell them (well they did 2yrs ago). I just don't want to to miss out trying them, if you think they are only this price.

I usually put my son in one of these or a bonds all in one!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


I have found that all my kids have done this and the only solution I have found that works is to put their sheets and blankets on sideways. By turning the sheets around, they are long enough to tuck them in fairly tight. As my 5 month old sleeps down the bottom of the cot (as per SIDS regulations) there is enough blanket to cover him and I find he has trouble kicking them off. Snug and tight.

Try it and see how you go.

I personally don't like sleeping bag pyjamas as I find they get all twisted up in them....but thats my experience.


Hi Georgina

I bought a couple of polar fleece sleeping bags at Big W last week - they were only $12 each. I saw some at Best & Less for about $20. I find them brilliant as my son moves around his cot constantly - no matter how tight I used to tuck him in he always managed to break free smile !!! I've never seen the $70 sleeping bags apart from in ads but honestly the cheap ones do the trick.

Hi there,I know what you are going trough I have had 3 children my youngest is 8 month.And not one of them ever keept the blankets on.I have always used baby sleeping bag they are so good.I have just gone and bought Breanna 4 for winter they only cost me $15.oo from big w.I also have found a great idea for keeping baby warm in the pram they are called baby sacs they are like a sleeping bag but they have legs.I bought it at the clevland markets.Take care Leanne

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

My bub is also going through the same thing so my mother-in-law sewed up a sleepsuit that is basically a sleeping bag with arms. It is made from polar fleece fabric and is so cosy and warm. It buttons up at the front and has a collar to keep the neck warm if out at night. Hopefully it will do the trick through a nice cold NZ winter! Also if it gets too short I can cut off the bottom and it will be a nice warm dressing gown. Cost probably about $5-$10 as she didn't use a pattern and found offcuts of polar fleece for good price.
Thanks Tepe and Jasmine for correcting my price on baby sleeping bags...shows I don't shop around much!! I've only ever seen them advertised, and decided they weren't worth it....I'll have to have a look in Big W, now that I know they are there, maybe I'll use them this winter after all!!
It's a good idea to sew your own too Bronnie, I've just gotta unearth my sewing machine (we moved house two weeks ago) and maybe one day I'll get time to sew up a sleepsuit like the one your mother-in-law did, sounds great! (and nice and cheap).

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