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Controlled crying..what do you think? Lock Rss

My 5month old was a pretty good sleeper (well compared to what his 3year old brother Milan was). he was going to sleep between 8-8.30pm, then i would wake him for a feed at about 10-11pm and then he would wake us up at about 7am by babbling and smiling..How all of a sudden he wakes every couple of hours until midnight then wants to chat until 1am..and then he wakes at 6am..i try to feed him when he wakes at 10pm but he only has enough to put himself back to i don't think it is hunger. he is on solids now. he only has about 2 sleeps during the day for about 1 -2hrs..he does have a catnap at about 5pm which helps me coz i can get dinner ready as well as spend some time with Milan. Maybe i just need to cut this sleep out..
i have thought about controlled crying but hope that there is something else i can try..

Mum of 3 boys

My 5 month old did exactly the same thing, on the odd night he still wakes and has a chatter in the middle of the night, I think the key is not to feed them , I do the 10:00 feed then no milk until 5-6:00 they really don't need it, it is just habit that they are waking. I let my bub chatter, then when he starts to cry I get up and go and give him his dummy and a patt and he goes off , this went on for a couple of nights now he setttles really quickly if he wakes.When my bub did this I was like ohh MY GOD but he settled down again, I think he realised he wasn't going to get food and no one was coming to play.
If you want to do controlled crying Tressilian has a hotline you can call and they will tell you what do do in regards to time, how long to leave him etc.They are great.
Good Luck

Bek NSW 10mth boy

Hi Ameet

Just a thought - could he be teething? This can make them a bit unsettled, or maybe he's going through a growth spurt. Personally I don't agree with controlled crying, I definitely wouldn't suggest you do it especially if you don't feel comfortable with it. Maybe he does just need less sleep. My son is 9 months old and has gone to bed at 7pm every night for months now, I make sure he doesn't have any sleeps after 4pm so he's tired enough to go to sleep at 7. As they get older they need less sleep. They do go through unsettled periods every now and then and there's not always an answer for it. If it really bothers you maybe talk to your child health nurse or one of the sleep clinics such as Karitane. Hope this helps.

I had to revert to controlled crying in the end, it is the hardest thing to do as it goes against all your instincts, but it does work (or at least it did for us). I would definitely cut out the 5pm snooze though, most of the books I have read say no sleeps after 3.30pm, I went for 4pm myself, but have noticed with my son if he goes for a sleep after 4, he won't go down at his normal bedtime, and tends to be more restless through the night.
The trouble with his current pattern, especially the wanting to chat till 1am is that he is getting into bad habits (and it will get to be a habit). If he is only getting up to play, you need to put him back down, maybe reassure him, then turn out the light and leave. If he just grizzles a bit that's fine (I think we all know which cries not to ignore), another thing, don't go straight in when he wakes up unless he's really upset. I often find if George wakes up with a bit of a grizzle and I leave him for a few minutes he will just go back to sleep with no dramas.
Anyway, best of luck whatever you end up doing.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

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