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Okay when picked up - Cries when put down! Lock Rss

My six month old daughter has just started waking around 10.30pm at night crying, and the only way she will stop is if you pick her up. She sometimes will go back to sleep if given her dummy but mostly you will have to pick her up. You then have to wait for her to be asleep before putting her back in her cot (which may be an hour or so). She is not like this at any other time including her 2am feed and it is incredibly frustrating. She has got two teeth and wasn't doing this when she was getting them. Any advice please!!!!!
It sounds like she just wants your reasurence. My little one wakes for little feeds all night long.
Sorry i don't have any advice other than the fact she doesn't know how to put herself back to sleep when she is going through sleeping patterns.
But know this your not the only one!!!!!!!!!!
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