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I'd just like to say hooray! this is the first time I've been on here and its amazing to here other people having trouble with their babies sleeping. My 6mnth old was a terrible sleeper and at three mnths we went to a sleep school. Every one I spoke to said their babies slept through but until you actually asked them what their babies did, they were waking up during the night too. I don't call that sleeping through. I thought I was doing something wrong but I guess now i'm not alone!!!


theres not really a right or wrong way to do things you just have to do what works.
my daughter4mths is spending her 1st night in her own room in her cot. and i also have a double bed in her room, we only have a 2 bed room house and thats the guest room aswell. i know it sounds kooky but i will probly end up in the spare bed tonight , i sleep so heavily that i'm scared i wont hear her if she wakes up. tho from now (midnight) to 9am she doesnt wake up normally. my boyfriend just left for work and didnt leave me with much confidence. as he walked out the door he said that i should set my alarm every hour so i can check on her............. i think i'll just sleep in the room with her or i prob wont sleep.

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I am really interested in seeing how your (Chelby's )litttle girl went with sleeping in her own room in her cot. To me that is such a big step , my bubs who is now almost 9 mths old, has been in our room since we brought him home from the hopsital. He sleeps in his own cot but if we find some nights he is waking up frequently we bring him to our bed with us and he sleeps soundly without a peep until 8:00-8:30 am. Both hubby and I have been very heavy sleepers for 32 years and being first time parents we are so scared we wont hear him if he is in his own room.

I think we will eventually put him in his own room and probably soon but for now i love hearing his little noises at night and just feeling him close to me.

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Hannah went to sleep in my arms and then i put her in the cot. she slept the whole night.(she slept like a baby.......LOL smile )
I didnt tho. smile i was in my bed trying to sleep but just as i felt myself drifting off to sleep i would get up and check on her 1 last time. every time she was still asleep still but i had trouble letting myself sleep so i went into the spare bed in her about 4am
I want to get her in her cot before she completly outgrows her bassinet. i could put her in my bed but on the nights her dad doesnt work then she wouldnt fit in the bed with us, and we would be stuck if she didnt like her cot.

I think I'm the one with the seperation anxiety smile

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Hi Toni.
my boyfriend is just a worry wart.

its just he hates going to work , he just misses her. smile he just says things like that for his own piece of mind (as we do) i'm a bit cranky with him today tho. i told him i wanted to go shopping but he wont let me cause hes watching those blooby V8 supercars. its the 1st race for the year. (big woop)

hes an unreal Dad tho.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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Hi Chelby

WOW!!! She slept in her own room on the first night with no fuss, what a good little girl. Maybe i will try it with my baby 2night although i will probably change my mind last minute and transfer the cot back in to our room. lol

I know what you mean about us mums having the seperation anxiety and not our babies. I too would be awake every hour especially if I was on my own. My hubby travels interstate for work and on those nights I am sleeping with one eye open lol

Well done baby Hannah and to mummy wink

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi Toni
I hope you give the shopping trolley a spray with glen20 befroe you put ur bub in it, i hate those things. you dont now if its clean or not. glen20 kills flu and cold germs. i hope i dont sound weird but i keep that small pump spray bottle of pine o clean in my bag so if i have to kill germs i can.
just use the glen20 off the shelf in the supermarket. make it ur 1st isle stop if u dont want to carry it in ur bag ( thats a bit naughty )
yeh those parking bays are so hard to come by. i can usually get a spot around 2.30pm to 3pm this is when older kids get out of school.

the first time i took Hannah to the shopping centre she wore herself out . its a big day for them. smile

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hi Elena
after spending 2 nights in the spare bed (same room as bub) i thought i cant keep doing this. so i went out and bought a monitor. its the one with the teddy bear night light.
its the best thing i ever bought. and the past few nights have been the best sleeps i have had in about 6mths.
It just feels too good to be true. im waiting for something to go wrong smile
she had her 4mth needles today. she cried a bit, we got home , she had a bottle and a bath and some panadol ,then she slept for 3hrs. she woke up at 3pm had another bottle and just gone back to sleep now 5.30pm. i hope she sleeps tonight cause she normally only sleeps 3 hr for the whole day.
i should sleep now too, just incase she wont let me sleep

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Hi Chelby

Poor little munchkin, it is such an ordeal for them when they have their injections...although they get over it sooner than we

We have a baby monitor in our room with bubs in our room too ...i have no idea why it just stayed in there from the beginning, the baby too....LOLLLL

I was planning on moving him to his own room this weekend but he has a little bit of a cold/chest/ear bug these past couple of nights sad poor little mite, and he is on antibiotics so i guess we will wait a little longer ..

Take care

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

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