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Night Time Driving Lock Rss

Hi Mums

I am having problems with my 7month old son in the car at night.He screams.He has never been that good at night but now he screams. We have recently bought a new car and it doesn't have the little lights you can turn on in the back, only the big one which I can't have on while driving.Where I drive there are not many street lights so it's pretty dark.
Maybe you could try a little battery operated night light! I have one in my bathroom that takes a AA battery and cost about $5.

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Have you thought about trying to get a battery operated night light and putting it in the back with him. I am pretty sure you can get them from Woolies. Good Luck. smile

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Thanks, I'll give it a try. I'll have to try and attach it somewhere in the back so it doesn't risk flying around car if I have accident (touch wood I don't) I do a lot of 80kmh and 110kmh driving.
Jody went through a stage like that and she would be even worse if there was anyone in the backseat with her other than myself or my husband. We tried pulling over and it didn't help unless I took her out of her car seat and held her to calm her down. This would usually be after 45 minutes of screaming and crying!
Jody loves music, so we tried to introduce toys with a little bit of light and music and she just seemed to snap out of it after a little while.
Good luck, I hope this helps.

Kym, NSW, 12 1/2 month, girl

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