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Partial wrapping Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem. I started to partially unwrap my 9mth old son (one arm in, one out). He accepts this really well. However, he can't cope with having both arms out. I've been doing this for about 6 weeks.

Lately he has been waking up at night and playing as both arms are out. I leave him for about 30 mins, and if he hasn't fallen back to sleep I go in a wrap one arm. He then falls asleep immediately.

Is anyone still wrapping their baby over the age of 12 months.

I know that he feels secure, it's just that you feel a failure when people are shocked to learn that you still wrap at this age.


Mary, NSW, mother of two

If you and your son are both happy with wrapping then wrap away! My son never liked it much. He won't even have a sheet over him now, luckily we live in the tropics.

I think all babys have their little quirks and I strongly believe in doing whatever works. When he is ready to be unwrapped I'm sure he'll let you know and until then, as long as he's not too hot, who's it hurting?
Hi Mary

I wish I could still wrap my son - he started getting out of his wrap at around 5 months old so I tried putting him to bed without it but he wouldn't go to sleep. So I started leaving one arm out and alternated arms each time I wrapped him so he would get used to each arm being out. Then I started just wrapping around his torso with both arms out. He always ended up totally unwrapped by the time he woke however still needed the wrap to go to sleep. By 6 months I wasn't wrapping at all and he would kick off his sheet as well. I had to take his top sheet and blanket out as he would get tangled up in it from rolling around so much. Now as the nights get cooler I put him in a baby sleeping bag. Don't worry about other peoples reactions - if he needs to be wrapped - so what! Don't ever feel like a failure when you are doing the best for yourself and your baby - nothing else matters. Does he cry at night when he wakes up? If he doesn't, maybe wait a bit longer and see if he puts himself back to sleep without being re-wrapped.
Hope this helps.


Well hello!!! Finally, someone in the same boat as me. My daughter has been wrapped from day one and still to this day (8 months old) is wrapped.
We live in Perth and this summer has been sooo hot I've tried everything to get Ava out of her wrap but she just won't have it.
We also started leaving one arm out, she slept well but once we left both out she saw it as an opportunity to play rather than sleep.
My husband always jokes and says "we'll be wrapping her at 18" and it does really seem that way.
I've been lectured by all my friends saying she's too old to be wrapped but what do I do???
Anyhow just to let you know your not alone and if you do come up with a solution then PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
My son is almost 7 months old and still likes to be wrapped. I worried about it for awhile, but now I've just figured he'll grow out of it when he's ready.

Don't worry about it too much!!!

Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Wow... I can't believe that other people have this issue too. I have a 4.5month old who wants to be wrapped... otherwise he wont stay asleep longer than 15minutes. AND I've had 4 childhealth nurses telling me he shouldn't be wrapped at this age, as baby needs a chance to soothe himself to sleep, eg. sucking his fingers.

I'm not sure if I want to change this sleep habit of his especially when he is doing so well sleeping thru the night.

I'm still wrapping him, except that it has to be firm or else he will start rubbing his face with it (which wakes him up more & aggravates his eczema-prone face). I've sewn a couple of muslin cloths together to make it long enough to wrap my growing baby!

If anyone has had any success in getting baby out of this like-to-be-wrapped condition (without altering his good nights sleep), let us all know!


Thanks for all the support.

So far Antonio can go to sleep with BOTH hands out, and only toga style body wrap, at night only. He has been doing this for the last week. What happened was, I wrapped as usual, went in 15 mins later (he was asleep), and both hands were out. I tried thereafter, and it seems okay by him.

However, you can forget his day sleeps. He still needs one arm wrapped up. He is 9 months old now. I'm not going to stress about it anymore. Every now and again, I'll try both arms out for the day sleeps, and see how far we progress, otherwise, I'll let him dictate this to me.

Once again, thanks for the support.


Mary, NSW, mother of two

New mum1711, I bought a big muslin wrap online. It was 140cm x 120cm, really big!

It was on

Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

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