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What r the advantages/Disadvantages of being in a set routine? Lock Rss

I was just curious as to what everyone else does and thinks.
I dont have a routine, Hannahs dad does nightshift. and we go to bed at 1am when he leaves.we wake up at 10am, then she just sleeps when ever she gets tired, and i let her tell me when shes hungry, usually 3-5 hrs for her feeds.


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Routine in young babies isn't a necessity, but it does help some of them settle easier.

I have my 10 1/2 month old son in a routine, as he has an older brother and sister who both go to school, so his routine is worked around getting them to and from school. I find now, that he will settle much easier as his body knows when it is time for sleep, when it is lunch, dinner etc.

The disadvantage I have, is when we are out, or on a weekend when things are different, he can get a bit grumpy. He is the type of baby who only likes to go to sleep in his own bed, and doesn't settle very easily if we out...unless we are in the car.

In your circumstances, I wouldn't make a big deal out of a routine, until she gets a little older and closer to school or kindy age.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Chelby

My almost 9 mth old is in a routine when at home (melbourne) however, since he was around 5 weeks old we have been visiting my family (I am originally from sydney) once every six weeks on average so he has become a bit of a frequent flyer. lol

The routine tends to go out the window when at the grandparents house as they want to play with him constantly and hold him and he stays up much later, wakes up late etc.

When we get back home it takes about 24hrs to get him back into his normal routine.

I think babies will adjust to their surroundings at this age so I wouldnt worry too much if a routine is not in place right now.

I agree with Tracey that routine will need to be in place if you worked or when bubs starts kinder etc.

Oh and his favourite place in the world is his pram so we have no problems settling when out and about.

This was meant to be a quick post hehe smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi Chelby

My 2 month old is not really in a routine, like you I let her tell me when it's time to eat, sleep etc. The one thing I would be a bit careful of is putting her down for her night time sleep so late - just in case she wont get out of this habit when it's time for daycare/kindy (even though this is a fair way away). Just my thoughts, as long as she does sleep for now though I guess thats more important then when she sleeps.

thank you everyone for your advice.
this website is really good. i dont know where i'd be i i didnt find it.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Chelby

Well my daughter is in a routine that she kind of deviced herself. She wakes around 9am and has naps from 11am-1pm and 3-4.30pm and then goes to bed at 7.30pm.
In one way the routine is great but in another way it's really awkward. Ava WILL NOT sleep anywhere apart from in her cot. It doesn't matter how tired she is she will just scream until she's put there. I've tried getting her to sleep in her pram or carseat but there are way too many distrations for her to fall asleep.
So I have to plan my days around her naps and can't be out of the house during nap time or all hell breaks loose. As you can imagine this prooves quite difficult and restricts me from meeting friends for lunch, having her babysat at someone else's house or making lengthy appointments.
Oh well I can't complain at least she sleeps I suppose!!!

Do whats right for you and your baby and you can't go wrong smile
I think having a routine is essential for a new baby. My son has been in a routine since we arrived home from hospital. He slept from 10.30pm till about 7.00am at 6 weeks, so I have had a good night sleep since then. He is now 14 weeks and ready to sleep from 7-7.

I think it is important for mum to be able to get a good night sleep and unless you teach your baby to sleep and eat during the day and not at night you wont be able to get a decent sleep.

My baby also sleeps really well. We were careful not to teach him any bad habits right from the start. He goes down really well (without a peep, although we often hear him sucking on his hand or talking to his toys) and when he wakes early, he is happy to lay there and amuse himself until I go in to get him up.

Gab, QLD, Zac and Nic

I think it's good for a baby to have order throughout the day and for them to know what comes next. For example...wake, milk feed, breakfast, play, sleep...and so on thru the day and in the evening it may be dinner, bath, bottle, story, bed. However I don't think it's necessary that the events of the day occur at the same time every day, just in the right order!! And of course sometimes you need to be flexible, if you're out or on holidays, etc.
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