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Wetting through the Nappy at night Lock Rss

Hi all,

My son is 10 months old, and for the past month he has been waking during the night because he has wet through his nappy. His last bottle is an hour before bed time and I change his last nappy when I put him down to sleep.
My theory is - now he moves around the cot at night this is causing his nappy to loosen up.

Any advise on giving both my son and I a peaceful night sleep!!!

Leah, NSW, Hayden's mum

Hi Frankie,

Perhaps you need to use a larger size nappy overnight. It was always a sure sign to me if my kiddies nappies started to leak, that it was time to go up a size.

You probably already do this but check that his willy is pointing straight down and not off to the side or up to the top of the nappy.

Good luck.

tired and feeling old

I found this to be problem with Hannah too - I was using snugglers *gasp - don't worry they're made by the same people as Huggies* and I found they just weren't cutting it.

I moved to huggies which are more absorbent during the night.

Alternatively - if YOu're already using huggies, you could buy those things that you put in cloth nappies to make them more absorbent - Bebes makes them. that might make a difference.

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Thanks Alison,

Although his weight fits the nappy size, I might try a bigger nappy.


Leah, NSW, Hayden's mum

Hi Hannah's mum,

I had Hayden in Snugglers when he started wetting his nappy during the night so I moved to Huggies and he still wet through.

Thanks for the idea of the nappy liner, this might help. At the moment I am putting pilchers on top of his nappy! This is helping a little bit, although his clothes are still slightly wet when he wakes up.


Leah, NSW, Hayden's mum

Hi Frankie,

we had a similar problem when we first used nappies, until we realised we were not pulling out the leak guards properly. Worth a suggestion.

I agree with Aljay maybe try a bigger nappy, the sizes on the packet are really only a guide. I know because my son has a really thick waist and legs but his weight is quite low. So I actually have to use a nappy that is designed for a heavier baby.

I think I would be happy to wash all the sheets every day if I could just get a good nights sleep.

Good luck!!


i'm pretty sure the nappy inserts are called nappy mates. have you tried changing bub just before you go to bed? maybe doing that will lessen the chances of a night wet. also, i've found that if bubs/kids cool down even slightly they wet more, so maybe a singlet under the jammies, or a light romper instead of short sleeved and shorts .. it's just a thought smile good luck and keep us up to date smile

sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

hi frankie,

i too had this problem with my daughter at around the same age, and the answer to the problem, as has been mentioned before is to use huggies nappies. i use these only for night time and they work brilliantly. another alternative is to use vips nappies cos these are huggies nappies with a different pattern on them!!!! going up to next size for night time would probably work a charm too.
if your already doing all this, then i have absoluteky no idea what u can do!!
good luck!!

Kristi 5 kids.

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