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Just a quick question. My little man is one week off being 1 year old. Up until about 2 weeks ago he was sleeping 2 naps of 2 hours or more during the day. Suddenly I can get him down for no longer than one hour. He still seems so tired though. Is this normal? Or should I try to encourage him to go back to sleep????

Nicole, Queensland, almost 3 yo boy - Sebastian

Hi Nicole

My son is only 8 months old, so I'm not up to your stage yet, however he has just gone from having 3 sleeps a day to 2 a day. He was a bit unsettled during the change so I took him to our local clinic and the nurse told me it was perfectly normal and she also advised me that at about 12 months they change from 2 sleeps to 1 sleep and can get unsettled until they get used to their new routine, she said just to keep doing the normal sleep routine when he's tired and he will soon settle down. If you are unsure I would suggest going to see your local baby clinic nurse as I have always found mine really helpful and supportive. Hope this helps.

All the best

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