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Standing in cot instead of sleeping Lock Rss

2 weeks ago, my 7mth old baby girl discovered how to stand up in her cot .... since then, she has hardly slept during the day & fights sleep at night. Beforehand, she was a very good sleeper & went down after a breast feed easily (day or night) However, now during the day, she will go to sleep whilst feeding & as soon as her head hits the mattress, she is wide awake & then standing up ..... smiling & laughing (most of the time anyway) I have left her for over an hour at times & she is still there standing up. Can anyone help me PLEASE?????????
hi well my daughter has also just worked out she can stand in her cot and on anything else most of the time when i go in she is standing there rocking back and forth laughing and giggling or other wise she is crying so i let her cry for abit if she is crying then i just keep going back in and laying her down and giving her dummy and her cuddly and after a few times she will aventually go to sleep.
Hi Nicole,

My daughter still stands in her cot when she's put down to sleep. All you can do is go in and lay her down after a while, keep doing this until she gets the message it's time for sleep.

Make sure her routine is the same, maybe try getting her into her cot before she falls asleep on you, as this is a major factor in babies waking up as they are moved from one enviornment to another.

I lay Ella down, give her her dummy and wind up her musical doll. If she stands up I just go in and lay her back down. Generally after the third go she realises she is losing the battle!

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi Nichole,
We have a similar problem and I found Tambam's advice from a post entitled 'Pick-up Put-down method' really helpful. I decided to wean off the breast at the same time and bed time started out as a bit of a wrestling match, but we have now moved our bed-time story to the cot and we sit in it with her while we read and she has her milk. Then we lie her down. At first it was just crazy and she thought it was a new game. Then she just yelled, but after a few days it is working faster each time. Good luck
Hi Nichole

My son starting doing the same thing at exactly the same age. He just wouldn't sleep during the day at all - he would just stand and play, before I'd put him in his cot he'd be rubbing his eyes and yawning etc and as soon as he was in his cot he'd get a burst of energy and want to play!!! I asked the nurse about it and she said most babies go through an unsettled period at 7 months as their sleep patterns begin to change - they generally go from 3 day sleeps to only 2. She also said they love practising their new "tricks". The only advice she could offer was to stick with our usual settling techniques and just remind him that it is sleep time. So that's what I did, and he finally did go back to "normal", but it did take about a month. My son would be smiling and laughing also, so I just let him go, as long as he was happy. Hope this helps.

Hi Nichole,

It must be difficult with your daughter standing in the cot instead of sleeping. Your post made me smile though, they are so determined aren't they? I can see Georgia doing that soon.

Georgia is 7months too but is not standing yet. She is good to get to sleep these days except her last sleep of the night, she keeps herself awake like a champion, and i know she is so tired.

Goodluck, hopefully the standing novelty might wear off for her soon, or she starts getting too tired.

I would be interested in how it goes for you,

Hi everyone,

Just want to let you know i am in the same position. Fortunately my son normally falls asleep himself, eventually, even after an hour of playing. I just don't go in there, unless i hear a distressed cry.

Hope things settle soon,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Kathy

Just thought that I would let you know that my little girl is now back into her sleeping routine & the novelty of standing up has has worn off. Thankfully it only lasted a few weeks!! Has your little Georgia discovered this trick yet?

I am so glad it worked out for you. Wishful thinking Georgia is not interested in crawling or standing yet ... It is funny with your daughter, must be her fad of the month.

Thanks for letting me know, if Georgia starts doing the same I will keep in mind it might be the latest craze for her too. I must admit I am looking forward to doing those things even though people keep telling me the novelty will wear off quickily
All the best to you and your little lady
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