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does anyone have any advice on how to help a baby put themselves to sleep. Ever since he was born, my bub has been nursed to sleep ... the only problem is that if he's not fully asleep, he wakes up when he's put down (and if we're not quick to settle him again, he'll be wide awake within seconds)! I have seen some babies just lie down with a dummy and fall asleep on their own ... my little 3month old will not do that. he'll pretty much only take the dummy if he's being nursed ... is their a trick to getting him to sleep without my help??

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

doesn't anyone have some advice Puh-lease? I'd appreciate any info I can get.

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Have you tried rocking until almost asleep and then putting Brandon into the cot on his tummy ?

I had a bad time with my daughter (see "Can't put her down") until I discovered that she was a tummy sleeper.

I also received some good advice back from the Huggies community on my message that may help.

It's not easy is it !


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi Brandons_mum

I left a message for you in one of the other topics (can't remember which one), anyhow I'd be happy to email the Karitane Sleep Needs Guide and Sleep And Settling Techniques to you. I found they really helped me.


Hi Brandon's mum,
What I was taught at tresillian, was to place the baby in it's cot, wrapped and place one hand on the baby chest and stroke their forhead with your other hand. Do this until bubby seem's relaxed and then leave the room. If he starts crying wait a few minutes (unless of course he's hysterical) and go in but resist the temptation to pick him up, and try the hands on approach again.
Also give tresillian a call, their phone number is in the front of bubby's blue book, or check out their website.
Hope it helps.
Goodluck, cheers!
Firstly to Therese,
we discovered about a month ago the only way to get him to sleep in his cot is on his tummy ... otherwise, on his back he would keep waking up every time his arms jerked during his sleep. But if we 'almost' have him asleep and then put him down, no matter how quiet we are, or how dark the room is, he is wide awake within minutes!

I'm in victoria, what is tresillian? A sleep clinic? I will definitely try your suggestions, however if left alone in his cot (awake) for more than a few minutes, the screaming will begin!! He doesn't start with a quiet whimper ... his screams are full blast immediately (he has a great set of lungs)!!

Thanx again

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Brandon's Mum!

I wish I had some words of wisdom, but unfortunately I have the sam problem with my 4 1/2 month old little girl. She can sleep for an hour or sometimes more if she is in someone's arms but the minute you try and put her down she cries and wriggles and will not settle. She hates having her arms wrapped too, so a tight wrapping doesn't help either. She is a tummy sleeper too but putting her down on her tummy wakes her up as well. At night she is not as much of a problem but during the day, when you have things to do, it is very frustrating to be holding her for hours. I am hoping you will get some good advice or learn a trick yourself. If you do find the answer can you pleeeaaassseee let me know at [email protected] Good luck!

Tresillian is Tweddle in Victoria. They have a website if you want to check them out -, but they are probably really busy at the moment as they were on Bert this morning!

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

Hi Brandon's mum,
Yeah Tresillian is sort of like a sleep clinic, it's similar to Karitane (don't know if that's in Vic either)
It's where all the unsettled bubs go and the nursing staff teach you how to responde to your bub and solve any problems you may be having.
The reason bubby's crying is cause he's not use to being left alone, it's really hard to start off, but it does get easier.
Check out the website anyway it should give you some good advice from the professionals.
Goodluck, let me know how it goes.
hi jasmine i was wondering if you might be able to email your info as well as i have a 4 mth old little girl with the same problems . i would really appreciate it thankyou jazmyns mum

nsw,4mth baby girl

Hi Jazmyn's Mum

I actually found Karitane's website which was on the info I had all the time - I wish I'd seen it earlier as they have all the info I have and more! the address is:

I think the info is under the "Survival Tips for Parents" link. I also found the Early Childhood Nurses at our local clinic really helpful, they were the one's who gave me the Karitane handouts, but anytime my son has been unsettled I've gone back to them and even though I know all the techniques, sometimes it helps to be reminded of them, and just to have someone listen and empathise with you helps a lot.

I hope this helps you.

Hi Therese,
How did you work out Jasper is a tummy sleeper?
I have similar problems with my 4 & 1/2 month & have to rock to sleep. I am in the process of trying to get her out of it & wondering why I'm having problems. I put her in her bed & talk to her. Jordan has a light show she watches as well. All goes well as she is relaxed. I walk out. The light show finishes, she then gets agitated, throws her legs up & crys & grunts until she gets picked up. I then burp Jordan, bring up any wind & try again. Sometimes this can take up to half & hour I then give up & rock her to sleep...urggghh!


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