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Day or night baby sleeps no longer than 3 hours Lock Rss

My son is a delightful, happy chappy but he rarely sleeps. He is so active that we spend most of the time entertaining him or waking up to feed him or keep him occupied during the day or night. My girls started sleeping through the night by 4 months. Our son Logan is now nearly 6 months old and the longest sleep he has had is 5 hours, once. Does anyone know if this is normal or does he have a sleep disorder?


Mum 2 Skaie, Alyxanthe & Logan

Hi, my son is 7 months and exactly the same. He is hyper, never wants to sleep and when I finally get him down he doesn't stay there long. He won't sleep in his cot at all so he sleeps with me on a futon on the floor! He gets a max of 10 hours in a 24hr period. I've taken him to the natropath and have some homeopathic remedies from him but that was only a week ago so I'm still giving it time to work. He reccomended that I cut all cafine and refind foods from my diet so I've done that too.

Some days I think I'll go crazy as he only has about 1 hrs sleep each day and not until 2 in the arvo will he go down! I though it was just me but he does it to his nanna too. He is completely healthy and happy though so I don't know what the problem could be.

All I can say is good luck - I undrstand what you're going through!
Hi,my name is Leanne I have a baby girl who is 7 month.Breanna never sleeps much during the day the most she sleep is 20 min.At night see does sleep but she is very hard to get to sleep.I have talked to a few other mum and I have found that this is a big problem for babys.I found out about the Riverton centre.You and baby go and spend a week there and they help teach you how to get your baby into a sleeping pattern.Breanna and I are going to stay next week.If you like I will give you my email address and I can tell you more about what they do and also how we went. kind regards Leanne & Breanna

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

Hi this is Leanne&Breanna I forgot to give you my email address it is [email protected] thanks Leanne&Breanna

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

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