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I have a 5-month-old daughter who is an extremely restless sleeper at night. She seems to end up in all sorts of positions all over the cot at night. She ends up with her arms and legs out the side of the cot, and even sideways with her head jammed against the cot bars. Lately we've been getting up every half hour or so to her overnight when she cries. Normally we would let her cry, but now that she is moving so much, I am worried she may hurt herself. Would anyone know at what age cot bumpers are used from? And does anyone know where the SIDS foundation stands on them? I would like to use the bumpers so she doesn't hurt herself (and so I can get some sleep at night).

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

I believe it is a SIDS recomendation not to use bumpers, that is why I don't have them on my sons cot, however I'm not sure as to the reason why we are not suposed to use them but I think it has something to do with the risk of suffocation if the baby was to pull and remove them.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

I have used cot bumbers for all 3 of my kids, from when they first went into a cot at around 3 months of age. I added extra ties to mine, so that they could be tied securely and the babies couldn't get stuck between the bumber and the bars. My ties are about 3 inches apart, and are tied to every bar of the cot. The SIDS foundation recomends not to use them at all, but for me, it was either use them, or risk my kids hurting themself even more. My first son almost broke his leg, by getting it stuck in the bars, so please just be careful. Hope this helps, good luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

I have a 6 and a half month old son who has had cot bumpers on his bed since day one. I think they are a great idea as my son is always rolling about the cot. As long as they are tied the cot in a safe manner.

kellie, NSW, baby aden

Hi everyone

I heard your not supposed to use cot bumpers because baby can get tangled up in it or stuck if they manage to wriggle under it or pull it off, also they can choke on the ties if they pull it off and I think its the same reason you dont put baby to bed with bibs or strings on their clothes.

I have never used one and my daughter has never been hurt in her cot eventhough she sleeps in some weird positions but its your choice and if you tie them securley like someone else said you should have no problems with them.

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Hi all,

I heard that the reason why cot bumpers are not to be used is because the babies face gets too close to them and this could effect the babies breathing.

Mum to toddler

i know how you feel pm

i have found that cot bumpers are crap
yes it does protect them but to an extent
1 it makes it alot harder to tuck bubba in and cos your bubba sounds like mine they wriggle and pull it out and it often ends up over their little faces

i really dont feel that your chil will suffer sids cos when charlee was about that age she used to roll over and sleep on her tummy which really freaked me out the first time and i panicked and rolled her over and woke her but she continued to do it and she knows that if she cant breathe then she will move herself else where

by all means use it if you want but i wouldnt recommend them as they can also climb on them
good luck and i hope i was of some help


DD may 03, DS oct 06

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