Hi All, I have been watching along with Leanne all your comments about this controversal subject, first I must say I think this is a wonderful site for all of you to be able to talk, share, exchange views and know that there is someone else at the end of the line that knows exactely what you are feeling, i certainly wosh there was something like this when i was raising my three girls.
When Leanne first suggested going to the 'Riverton Centre' I was horrified I had all sorts of visions of a 'baby torture chamber' and I cried on the afternoon she left, I really didn't want my beautiful Granddaughter going through anything that was frightening or distressing and I really begged Leanne to watch over her closely. Yes we had made a 'rod for our own backs' with us all living in the same house and my two other daughters very willing to come over and playing the loving Aunties nearly ever day Breanna didn't have to look very far for a cuddle or a kiss but as time went on it was getting more and more evident that she wasn't getting enough sleep and wanted to be picked up all the time, which made it impossible for Leanne to get anything done and more important the other children were suffering.
I spoke to Leanne every day she was away and I could pick up from her that she was feeling much more relaxed and breanna was very happy, like one lady said I think the wording (controlled crying)is wrong and puts you off it certain doesn't distress or have any negative effects on Breanna and I had visions of her being a different baby and having her wonderful little personality dramatically changed by this terrible exprience, nothing could be further from the truth....... Leanne is now alot calmer and can now give much needed attention to the other two children, keep up with the housework and meals, enjoy 'on line friendships' and even have a shower in peace and a bed to herself, Breanna on the other hand is much more settled and happy, she has two long sleeps morning and afternoon, goes to bed and enjoys snuggleing down at night, wakes for a bottle and settles down again no problem, she certainly doesn't get any less cuddles and kisses and she is the same wonderful little angel she always was, she has just learnt what her bed is for and is I believe alot happier in this routine.
My advise is to forget the words 'controlled crying' and replace them with 'CONTROLLED COMFORTING" has a nicer sound to it. Kind regards from a now converted Nanna. Love and God Bless to All.