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Waking in the night to play Lock Rss


My daughter Ava is now 6 months old, saying that we've had huge problems with her sleeping is an understatement. From birth she woke every three hours and then when she was 4 and a half months it got so bad she woke every 15 mins. We sought the help of a chiro and a sleep specialist but nothing helped but just before christmas we got hold of the video "it's time to sleep" and it changed our lives dramatically.
Ava began sleeping from 7am thru til 4am having a feed and then sleeping thru til around 8am. We couldn't believe she was the same child and were so happy with her new routine.
I thought my days of sleep deprivation were over until this week. I used to wake to the sound of Ava crying but now I'm waking to the sound of her playing??? I go in to see her and she has somehow escaped her wrap and is crawling around her cot.
I've been rewrapping her and she's been going back to sleep only to wake a few hours later doing the exact same thing??? Last night I was up to her 4 times!!
I've tried letting her play in hope that she gets tired and drifts back to sleep herself but after playing for 40mins she gets tired and cries out to be rewrapped so she can go back to sleep.
Can anyhow tell me a way to put a stop to the frequent waking and playing routine??
I really need some sleep!!

Sian wa
Hi Sian,

My daughter Lucy is 5 months old and has been doing the same thing. We stopped wrapping her at around 3 1/2 months because she would kick the wrapping off and wake up crying. We tried to tuck her into her cot really tightly but she kept kicking off the blankets too which ended with the same result.
When I'm making her cot now I tie the side of the sheet to the side of the cot that is closest to the wall, then when she is put to bed at night her arms are tucked in under the sheet and the other side of the sheet is tied to other side of the cot. It's sounds terrible, but it seems to have the security of being wrapped and doesn't allow her to kick of the blankets. She aslo has a cuddly that she sleeps with too.
It hasn't stopped her waking up completely but because she can't roll around the cot she ends up going back to sleep herself.
Good luck.

Hi avas-mum,
Where can I get a hold of the video? What sort of advice do they give in order to help a child sleep??

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

Have you tried those sleeping-bag suits? I keep reading about them- might help?
Hi all,
my 5 month old daughter is doing the same. She'll got to sleep @ 7pm and wake around 3.30-4am wide awake and wants to play. There are never any tears or grizzles. I have to wrap her again and give her her dummy back and she might sleep again right through till 7am or wake again before that. I was told by Tizzie Hall (Save our to get her a sleepbag and try that as Tizzie thinks she might be cold. Well I tried it, and after 1/2 of crying because she wasnt wrapped I put her back in her normal fleecy bodysuit and wrapped her. She was asleep in less than two minutes. I'll try the sleep bag again, but I think it might all change again when I start her on solids. She loves being wrapped and loves her sleep.

I'll keep you posted

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

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