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Going back to study Lock Rss

I was in the middle of a bachelor degree when I got pregnant so I took last semester off to have my baby. I am now going back to uni two days a week starting 1st March this year. Has anyone done this with a little baby (mine will be just over 6 mths)? I have no idea how hard it will be and would just like to hear other experiences.

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03


I have studied part time during and afterall 3 pregnancies and birth. My youngest is 14 weeks old and I start back at TAFE on Monday night. I love it. I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderful partner who loves being a dad and spending time with the kids. He gives me the freedom to study when I need to.I find it necessary to keep my brain active and my life in balance. I love my children, but this is what I need to do to give myself some time and an interest that doesn't include matchbox cars and gameboys!

It will be a challenge at first to organise time and priorities, but you will cope. I have done a Diploma in childcare (4 years) and am now midway through a Diploma in Financial Services (another 4 years)!

You go girl. More the power to you!

This message is a bit delayed. I only just got onto this website. I have already completed my Bachelor of Arts and was already into my primary and secondary teaching degree by distance education. Luckily my daughter was born at the end of year 1. I was planning to continue study through off campus but just found everything a bit difficult. My husband is a fisherman and gone for days at a time, and hardly has a day off. I don't have very much family support so I deferred.

I have heard of a lot of people studying with a baby. I guess it can keep u sane and to think outside of baby land. U just have to be organised i suppose. I miss studying already, but I am stressed enough with my little bubba-she is now 4.5 mths. I will start again next year and she will be about 14 mths.

Good luck with it all, if u wanna email me, my email is,
[email protected]
Hi there
I am a single mum and have just graduated from my degree and i have an 8month old girl. I did full time study when i was pregnant and even when she was just born! it was really hard work but i knew that it was my last year and i really wanted to finish. i actually found it really helpful concentrating on other things other than the day to day baby things. i am going back to study next semester doing postgraduate study. my advice is to take things at your own pace and not to try to push yourself to hard as being a mother is hard work!!
talk to your lecturers as well as i found them very helpful!!!
best of luck with your study, i hope that it all goes well for you!!!
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