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my daughter is 11 1\2 months she weighs 7 kilos
and still wakes once a night most nights for a bottle.
As she's so small I usually give her one. Should I keep giving her a bottle or should I try to break the habbit?
Dear Sarah,

Is your daughter truly hungry?

Or is she waking for comfort?

Or is she waking because of habit?

If she is hungry and (your motherly instinct tells you that) and you are happy with getting up during the night and it does not bother you then do so.

Stop worrying about her weight. She sounds like a dear little petite girl that will thank you later in life for her nice rounded curves.

As a mother of 5 I beleive every mother should do what suits them to get the job done.

Hope this helps.


hi im chrystal and i dont no how to make my own topic can someone help me


my middle son was wakimg every 3-4 hours at about 8 months it was just a habit i took him to tressilian wivh cured him sometimes he still wakes aged 2.5 but resettle usulally

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Chrystal,

starting your own topic is easy. Select the forum that you wish to chat in, for example Baby>Sleep & Settling, then look for the purple flashing icon that is situated just above the current topic lists. It says "Start your own topic", click on this and away you go. A tip, give some thought to your topic heading as members will use this as a guide for the content of your post.

We look forward to your continued participation in Huggies Parents Exchange.


Lauraine (The Moderator)
My 9mth old daughter has also been to Tressillian and day sleeps are good now but lately has been really grumpy and has been getting up every hour or two at night, I think it's teething but am wondering if it should affect night sleep this much?

Susan mum of 2 gals

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