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Scared of falling pregnant again... Lock Rss

I hope that i don't offend anyone here and I certainly don't want anyone to read in to this that I don't love my bubba - but I'm absolutely petrified of falling pregnant again!

My hubby and I really do want another bubba but aren't planning on trying for a little while yet - and I can't seem to shake feeling worried about falling before then. I know that i am very lucky to have our bubba (we have had a missed miscarriage in the past) and I know that there are a lot of women who would love to be able to have a baby - but i really don't think that i could cope with another baby right now.

I can't take the mini pill and I'm breastfeeding and we are being careful - but i'm still worried! How silly am i!

I guess if we fell again we would have 9 months to adjust - but i really want some extra time to spoil our bubba girl first.

Is anyone else scared about falling pregnant again by accident??

i know how you feel, i fell pregnant when ds#1 was 8 months and was upset i wasnt ready for another and we were careful. i felt bad not wanting the baby (but it would have been loved just the same) because my 1st preg was a m/c, i ended up m/c that baby as well. and when ds#2 was about 3 months i had a scare and i cried, thank god it was only a scare, so your not alone,your allowed to not want another one yet so dont feel bad about it, but if you do fall pregnant soon you will love that baby too
i am !!
I had my son through ivf medication. (now 2) i was on the mini pill and just finished breastfeeding had my first period (what i thought was a period) was like 2 days very light. so didnt think it was anything really. Next thing you know im starting to feel really light headed every morning, i am craving sugar, going to the toilet a lot. I thought omg ive got diabeties!!! im going to die!!! I thought either that or im pregnant (my son was 11months at this stage) I did a pregnancy test not knowing what was positive or negative becuse i honestly didnt think i would be pregnant. Then it came out positive!! I freaked - thinking hubby would be disapointed, we wernt carefull enough! etc...
We now have our bubby girl (now 8mnth) and i am really worried now not breastfeeding and on the normal pill that i will fall pregnant again easily , or that i will have heaps of problems and have to go on ivf to fall pregnant.
Either way im scared! we do talk about having a number 3 but i dont know if it will be as easy, or if it will be as difficult... i guess what ever the out come its just ment to be that way. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I am but I really want another baby now as well. I know, make up my mind!!! I just miss the little bubba that needs me all the time. Bella is so independant. She is growing up so fast! My DH and I have decided to wait till next year to ttc again so when the bub is born Bella will be over 2 and walking (won't need to buy another pram) and hopefully toilet trained (even just a bit would be helpful) so we won't need to buy 2 sets of nappies and heaps of other things.

We really want another baby now but we have time on our side. I'm 25 and DH is 27. If we fall again before that i'll be a bit dissapointed. Only cause we have discussed it and it just seems right to wait till then. Financially it would be a bit tight if we had another baby now. Then I would definately have to go back to work. If we wait, we can give Bella so much attention and enjoy our first child without worrying about being flat broke!!We've started saving for number 2 so we're financially ahead. While money isn't everything, you do need it.

That said, if we did fall before that i'd still be happy. How could I not feel even a little bit of joy! DH said to Bella last night 'you're such a big girl! You're growing so fast. Soon it'll be time to give you a little brother.' Then I piped in with '...or sister!' He was so hoping she was a boy. We didn't find out what we were having.

Anyway, I'm on the mini pill, we use condoms and the lovin' is few and far between. I'm that paranoid! Couldn't handle two babies now. My friend pretty much had 4 kids in 4 years. She is a trooper! I'm sure atm i'd struggle with two!

Absolutely petrified!! I do want another child later on in life, but if I fell pregnant right now, I'd freak!! Financially, it terrifies me- I've just gone back to work a few days a week, and we're just about to build a house, so we really need the extra income. And also, this might sound selfish, but I have lost my baby weight, and am not that keen to gain it back again just yet!
I also am petrified of falling pregant again. I was on the mini pill but I went of it as I was having funny side affects and not feeling like me. We use condoms and have sex few and far between. I have just started to feel like my self. We want another child in the near future but I think now is just to soon. Having said that our dd wasn't planned but she arrived ( after what I think was a miscarrage )so nature has its werid and wounderful way of working

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

I too am terrified of falling pregnant again. My DD1 was 6 months old when i found out i was 11 weeks pregnant with DD2. I was shocked as i was breast feeding AND on the mini pill. My baby was only 12 m when #2 was born. I wouldnt change it for the world but im not ready for more for at least 4 years. I want to give my girls everything i can and any more right now would make that a lot harder.

Shan - Halia 22/12/05 - Lylah 15/01/07

I was also petrified of falling pregnant again. Like Lucyloo11, don't get me wrong I love Katie but there is no way I could handle having another baby even in the next 9 months. We plan to have another child when Katie is around 2, just not yet. I went and had the Mirena IUD inserted because that is apparently 99.9% effective. I really don't think that it is a bad thing to say that you don't want another child just yet. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I would just like to work Katie out a bit and enjoy her because she won't ever be this little again.
i can definately agree with you there, i am so so scared of falling pregnant again, i dont think i could handle another baby, please dont get me wrong i love my little man to death and he was planned, but just not when he came lol.. im struggling with my boy at the moment, especially as i am a stay at home mum and dont really get out much, it tends to send you a bit nuts when your only talking to a baby all day long,haha.
If anyone said being mother was easy then they must have an angel not a baby, they all have they're bad moments. but back to the subject, definately scared of falling again, i think i would be quite devastated.
I am what you mean and I have a daughter who is 2 years old in a couple weeks and I know that she isnt really to be a big sister cause she get really jelous if I hold any other baby and she is fine when I am not holding them but as for my partner and I we arent ready for another baby right now and plus I am just going back to work and plus being on a apprenticeship wage I wouldnt be earning much.

But at the same time our little girl wasnt planned either and we dont regret having her one little bit but sometimes I think that things happen for a reason and when its the right time for you.

Cause we arent having anymore til I have finish my apprenticeship and when Jaye is about 3 years old than we will start to try for other baby cause when the baby is born Jaye will be about 4 1/2 years old.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi there,
I totally understand how you are feeling. I had my little boy 4 months ago and my body isnt quite back to normal and Ive had a few pregnancy scares (am waiting for test results from the doc tomorrow, so fingers crossed im not). It takes a lot of adjusting to when you have a baby and it is so hard, why would you want to have one soon after. I think what you are feeling is normal.
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