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The new Implanon Lock Rss

Hi is there any one out there that has had this. As I'd like to hear about if you suffer from any side affects. As I've been told told you may even stop having those dreaded monthly's from having it. Although I'm single and dont need any birth control as men aren't in my life at the moment as I just would like to get rid of or even slow down these's monthly's. Although I've read about it all I would like to haer from people that have had it at any stage and what they thought about it.

Di. S.A.
I used implanon after my second child as I didn't want any more and it seemed like a good alternative to the pill. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. My cycle was turn around 4 weeks bleeding and one off. I went back to the GP and was put on some pills that was suppose to help, but it didn't.

After about 9 months of being grumpy, irratable, and snappy, I decided that this wasn't for me and had it removed and went back to the pill. My husband even got to the point where he said that he will take it out himself.

Once it was removed and I went back on the pill things returned to normal, and my GP informed me that the implanon is a good thing if it works but it is really hard to get right if it doesn't. One of my girlfriends has it too and I think that it is fine for her.

I saw on the news a few months ago that what I had must have been a common problem as they were starting a test group to see if they can fix it, unfortunately I couldn't be part of that group as I had already had it removed. Once the study is finished I might look into getting it again as around 50 dollars for 3 years is a good price .
Hi Di,

I had my 6 week check up with my obstetrician on Thursday and asked him about it as I really wanted to go on it for cost effective reasons. He said he would never reccommend it as you can have very irratic & painful periods that can last for weeks. I really trust this Doctor so have decided not to go ahead with it.

Then again, he did joke that if we all used contraception he would go out of business!!!


Angela, Sydney, Lucy born 06/09/03

hi Di,

I got the implannon 5 weeks after i had my son and one thing i have noticed is the ammount of weight i have put on while i have had it in within days of having my son i was back to my pre baby weight but after the impannon i put on 10kgs i also had spotting for about 6 weeks the spotting has stopped and my periods have just started becomming regular again but i must admit the period pain is the worst i have ever had. I have been thinking about taking it out but it is 100% effective and that is what i want right now as i fell pregnant while on the pill and i think my partner would kill me if i surprised him again =)))) But i suppose all contaception has side effects and another good point is if you decide you want to have children again you just get it removed and you become fertile again very quickly, and of course there is no forgetting to take the pill everyday.

Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Di,

I have just gotton the Implanon and have found that the monthly cycle stopped every now and again i would have the spoting and the pains but that was it i got it in May and my baby girl has now just turned one the doctor that i went too said that if they are put in the right way there shouldn't be any drama's. I guess its alot better than taking the pill every time the only side affect that I had was when he put it in i felt i little gitty but that was it but every now and again you do get moody and so far i have been safe as we would like to have a 2-3 year gap for the next bub. If you have questions you can always ask the doctor or go to the chemist but so far its worked for me.
Good luck.

Karlena QLD

Karlena QLD 1yr Baby Girl Martika

i have had the implanon in for the last 2 yrs and have not had a problem, the only time i spotted was in high stressful times(this was a major car accident) and it lasted for a day, but my mother also tried it and it didn't work for her. I would have to say it is either a try and see thing or not do it at all, you just have to realize that yes you could end up bleeding for weeks if it doesn't work, or if you want to have any more children it can also take a long time to fall pregnant again if it does work for you.

Lynn & Tyson QLD
HI i too have also tried the implanon, i cannot take the pill or any other form of hormone contraceptive so my doctor suggested that i try this. i was willing and what i thought might actually be a god send, was the worst nightmare. I had constant bleeding for 6 weeks (heavy) i then went to my doctor and he told me to battle it out, i became anemic and was put on iron tablets, these didn't help, after another 3 months of heavy period bleeding and pains i went to see another doctor and he told me the same thing battle it out a bit longer, you body will adjust and get used to it. so i did. 3 more months down the trck i had had enough, my sex life was no longer even existant, i had spent a fortune on pads, and was still in pain and bleeding. The day i got it taken out i felt much better, the day after that the bleeding had stopped completly. I will never try any radical "heaven sent" contaceptive again as it was a nightmare for me.
It may work for some women but my advice is if you try it, see how you go after 6 weeks if yor not happy get it removed. I wouldn't wish what i went through on my worst enemy.
Good luck

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Thank you every one thats replied to this and after much thought about it I will not attempt it. Now even my GP refuses to put it in as he claims there are way too many side affects from it.

Thanks To All Di.
hi i had the injections every three months. its worked well. NO period i've only had three injections and i have not been on ANYTHING for over a year and we are trying to conceive again. can anyone tell me if they have been through the same thing? should i let it go and see if my cycle starts again? should i go see a doc... i have an 18 month old daughter, we hoped we'd have already fallen pregnant again but no such luck.


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi Di
Looks like you've made up ur mind on what u want to do, but just thought I'd let u know how Implanon has worked for me.
After two chn, I wanted something more long term and reliable than the pill (being forgetful and everything) I decided to try it and had it put in July 03 (almost six months ago.) I virtually have had no side effects, besides having no periods for such a long time! Now being six months after having it inserted, I have my first period. Though I cannot say how long the period will go for as it has only been two days.
I was afraid to try it as well and did a lot of research and asking around to see who had gotten it done. In the end I thought, there isn't much harm in trying it .... if it wacks up my cycle then I could take it out, but if it made my periods almost non-existent (like u wanted it to) then I would keep in in.
So far I am happy with it, but I guess if my period lasts 3 months or more than I may have to reconsider it.
Hope this helps a little, and I'll keep u posted should anything happen.

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

hi narelle

i was told that sometimes it takes up to two years for the injections to get out of your system and thats after only one shot. I was told that after my first son was born and opted for the implanon instead. i ended up with bad spotting every two weeks and being really moody.

i had a friend on the injections for 3 years and the doctor told her that she had probably ruined her chances of ever falling pregnant.

i think you just have to sit back and wait for it to get out of your system.
I have replied to this post previously about the side effects i was getting with the implanon. After having it in for almost 6 months and having heavy bleeding for the whole time i have had it in and gained 14kgs since i have had it in no matter how well i eat or excercise i am getting it removed next week. I spoke to my GP and aparently more and more people are having troubles with it. I know pretty much every type of contraception has it's side effects but bleeding heavily for 6 months is just terrible.

All i can say is make sure your doctor fully explains ll of the side effects beofre you get it done

Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

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