As an ex swimmer and having done PE at Uni, yes swimming is good exercise but it makes you hungry so make sure you eat correctly afterwards. I am getting married in April and I had my baby only 2 months ago. I am not breastfeeding either so I am trying real hard to lose weight. I am finding that walking for half an hour four times a week is working wonders for me. The aerobic exercise is good but to tone the "baby belly" you need to do sit ups as well or it just wont go away. I do 100 a day but don't go too crazy if they are new to you as I used to do 200. When I say 100 this isn't all the same type that is the key. I begin with 20 normal bent knee crunches then I lift my legs in the air and do 20 then I turn my legs to the left, (on the ground), and do 20 crunches then the right and back to another 20 normal. Make sure you stretch in between each set. If sit ups are new to you start with three sets of five crunches three hours apart, or as we know whenever you can fit them in. If you have steps in your house do some step ups for a couple of minutes a day, great for the legs and bum. Anything helps but Aerobic exercise is vital to any weight lose. Remember diet too-you can eat anything in moderation and diets don't work. If you want that chocolate bar have it but only once a week.