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Return Of Periods???? Lock Rss

HI, i was wondering if anyone could help me. I gave birth 5 months ago now i am not breastfeeding but my periods have not returned. i had a period 7 weeks after so i thought they would start coming regularly but nothing since. Has this happened to anyone else? is it normal? what should i do?
thank you

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

HI Tania,

I breastfed my son for five days and then I bottlefed him. My periods took a while to return to a normal cycle and they are now regular as clockwork.

You should perhaps see your local doctor and speak to him or her and see what advice they can offer you.

It apprently can sometimes take a while for your cycle to get back to normal
My daughter was born 12 months ago and still o periods!!!I have spoken to my doctor and everything is OK...just wait and enjoy being period free!

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Hi Tania,

I also had a period 5 weeks after the birth of my son and then nothing for 4 months. Then I had to stop breastfeeding and I was on the mini pill just in case anyway. I went to the doctor and went straight back to my normal pill. That brings you back into a regular cycle. Don't forget you can still get pregnant before your first period comes back, so if you aren't breastfeeding and were on the pill or want to go back on, it's probably a good idea to see your doc and do it now.

Thanks guys
I am planning on going to see my doctor some time this week. i only breastfeed for 5 days so thats not it. i have the pill but i dont know whether i can just start talking it or not, or do i have to wait for a period to start?

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

i had a few injections after i had eilish i've not been on anything for a year and we're trying to get preggas....


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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