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I was just wondering if any one can help me.
As it says I am a skinny mum with the problem of a flabby tummy, it's not fat, it just feels like skin when I bend it goes all wrinklely, I hate it so much I cant stand my fiance looking at me! Before my pregnancy I weighed a teeny 40kg (too small) and I put on 26kg, it was great as I got my healthy 7pound 6oz baby boy, after everyone telling me I wont have anything over 6pound! But now I have gone back to a healthy 46kg and Im happy with that but the tummy yuck! I know you are saying I should be happy at least I dont have weight to lose (as thats what most people say to me) but I can say the only reason I lost it was due to great genes from my tiny mum and nan!
Please Help me Ive tried sit ups they are builind muscule but now change to the flabby outside! What can I do? Plus have any one got anything they know that works on stretch marks?

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I also have the problem of the flabby tummy and i got so sick of looking at it i signed up at a gym and it is really working.

For the stretch marks i use vitamin e and rosehip oil and it works really well. You can get it at the health food store and it was only $11.95.

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Thank you so much for a reply I thought I must of done something wrong because it was up there for ages with no reply!! I would love to join the gym but unfrotuantly my man dosnt like to take care of his son on his own (a whole different story) and all my family live in anouther state and his mother well I posted in "mils help" (if you get my drift) So thanks for the idea I will try the vitamin e and rosehip for sure!! Thanks again I must get a home gym!!

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Hi Meli
Sorry I didn't reply, but I have the same problem as you. Though I suppose we are lucky that we lost all our weight (well most of it!)

At the moment I try and walk every day as can't lose the weight from my butt & thighs. At the moment though it is to hot, so I will have to try early am walks. As i'm still breast feeding I don't want to go to the gym, I will once I finish feeding.

As for stretch marks I was REALLY LUCKY and didn't get any.

thanks for your reply casper, and I do agree we are lucky that we have lost the weight but I also think we are unlucky because most people dont care becasue we havnt got the weight! Keep me posted on how you go wih your walking, Ive been doing exercise every morning you know sit-ups legs raises, I tend to watch that oz style aerobics but at the time I cant be bothered to do it so I just watch and get some ideas (lazy I know)!! what was your trick with the strech marks?!!?? Very lucky person!!!
Thanks again and good luck to you!!

Mummy to 3 Boys


It is so nice to talk to others with the same problem, I was also way under weight before I got pregnant. infact I had just gone to the doctor about it as I was concerned.
Anyway as you said everyone says that I am so lucky that I got my figure back so fast, and I am. Except for the loose skin and the strech marks. How come most tops are really short so when you lift up your arms everyone can se your stomach?????
My little boy is now one (it goes by so fast) and the strech marks are fading but I can't get rid of the loose skin.
My husband is so supportive and says I am the sexyist woman in the world wich does help my self esteem. I think the way he looks at it is that he saw what my body did, the way it changed through pregnancy and what it went through during the birth. When you think about it, it's pretty amazing.

I am now pregnant again, so in a way I have solved the problen in the short term But I hear palaties (sp?) is pretty good and you can do it at home.

good luck with it and when you are having a bad day just remember what your body did , it pretty amazing.


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Thank you for your reply it also makes me feel that I am not alone!! My fiance is the same but unfortuantly Ive had much self esttem so it dosnt really help much!!
I now I have it all for a reason and Im happy I do but it still drives me nutty!!
The tops these days are ridiculas!! You pay the same price for half a top!! I always try my tops on and to the arm lift test and bend over (to see if creeps up my back) and I tell you there hard to find comfy tops!! Do you have trouble finding cloths to fit that arnt from the girls section?? Spo embarrasing 20 with a 9 month old and still ingirls cloths!! I look young I dont want to make it worse!
I want to try pilates, I tried yoga and got a dodgy dvd and never used it so now my fiance wont let me buy anouther one!!
Good luck with bub number two!! I hope it all goes smoothly for you, you will be to busy to do pilates when this one comes!! Take care and thanks again!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi Meli,
I can totally relate, ( except for the skinny part), I have just got back into my size 12 jeans! & lost most of the 18kgs I put on whilst I was pregnant but I have all of this hangy skin on my belly my hubby calls it my EFS (Excessive Frontal Skin), but only as a joke, he is really supportive with my weight.
I still have my monster streach marks & the dark line down my middle, it looks very gross!
I have tried every cream possible but I guess I will just have to learn to live with them.
I have been doing a pilates/yoga/thi chi class & a weights class at the gym that has really helped & not too bouncy as I am still breastfeeding, but latley Paige has been really clingy & screams the house down when I walk out of the room & my hubby usually has to call me back half was through the class, so I don't get to go as much as I would like.
I have been doing the Yoga TV on the lifestyle channel on Foxtel which is quite good & they do all different levels, & also saw at BW a yoga video or DVD pretty cheep with a book for beginners.
I am glad itn's not only me with the EFS problem!
I may have to save up & have a tummy tuck in a few years ! smile
i am smaller now than what i was before i fell pregnant, but i have the wrinklyflabby issue too! it sucks because i cannot wear any tops which remotely show my belly cos as soon as a bend over the wrinkles appear! hmpf!

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i can totally relate to all of you, although i was 50kgs before i got pregnant, now i am 58kgs, i go to the gym FOUR times a week for an hour each time, and i STILL have a little pouch =(
i wish i could get rid of it.. ive been trying to eat right and everything.. i think its there to stay.. i guess thats why a lot of women have tummy tucks... i could never do that though..

My daughter Taliya born 14th July 2004

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