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how do i know if i am depressed or just having a sad day or 2?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

some days i am really happy and the world is good.
but other days i dont even want to get out of bed. but when i feel ok i think how silly iwas to be so sad for no real reason at all.

and i dont have any friends around me , they all live a plane ride away.

Is it normal to have sad low days and not suffer from depression???
Hi Lonelymum,

I do know how you feel as I am too a long way from my family and good friends and it is hard when you are bringing up a little one not to have the support there. I only have one really good friend and a few acquaintances up here.

Yeah it is but if you are feeling that depressed that you do not want to get out of bed it may be postnatal depression. My best advice would be to go and see your doctor and have a good talk to him/her about how you are feeling.

I have had depression before and was lucky not to suffer with it after the birth of my son. It is a place that you do not want to stay in but help from my doctor pulled me out of it to the delight of my family.

Good luck and keep smiling smile

I agree with all of the above. I feel like that too. Up and down like a yo yo. It does help to have friends close by. It helps to have an interest or hobbie.

Even join a playgroup or Gymbaroo helps. It helps me a bit.

Even watching a movie or reading helps me. The key is to keep the mind occupied with pleasant or funny and interesting thoughts and not to focus on the negative. Basically keep busy.
Boredom is my greatest enemy!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi lonely mum,
Im in the same situation my freinds all live a plane trip away and so does all my family, so I know how you feel!
It is very normal to have bad days I have them I dont think Im strange! We get drained and just want to sleep and when I think there is no one to talk to except bub about it it just make things worse! Once in a while you need that face to face contact (to have a good whinge) with someone!
Dont feel bad about it ever, Im sure we all I agree being a mum is tough its alright to feel down, Just look at your bub and remember how happy you are to have them. Take a day off set up a bed on the floor and just do nothing! (except when bubs needs you) I hope I helped a little, Take care.

Mummy to 3 Boys

hi again
whats gymbaroo?????

i'm not confident enough to meet new people .
this might sound weird but i cant put up a fake front if i am having a low day. the harder i try the faker i feel. so i just stay home. its just a vicious circle some days.
Lonely mum,
Im the same with the confidents and to tell the truth where I live I dont want to know any one! The girls my age around here (im 20) are either in to going out and partying or the girls that are mums seem to me to be mums for all the wrong reasons! I dont mean to judge but when I see kids running around yelling screaming with no shoes on dirty and look like they could need a good wash (this is out and about) and the mums just sitting there in the skimpy little tops smoking ciggies with there freinds not caring what they do, I dont want to know! Where do you live lonely mum?

Mummy to 3 Boys

Gymbaroo is a class situation where you sing songs and do excercises with your baby.
Do you not do to mothers group? I dont. I didnt feel that compelled to have to see my group once a week. They just didnt thrill me much. And trust me I make good friends wherever I go so it was just one of those situations where there was no chemistry for me. Where do you live anyway?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

no i have never been to a mothers group. i wouldnt even know where they were??

im from sydney.
hi meli.
yes i think i would be the same as you, not wanting to associate with people like that. i spose we call them 'the wrong crowd'
Hi lonely mum,
It can be a very challenging and lonely job this motherhood business. Especially when you don't have much support. Where abouts in Sydney are you from? I'm also from Sydney, you never know we could live just around the corner. At least you've come to the right place here. Your sure to receive as much support as you need. Hope your feeling better soon.
i just dont know what to do anymore. he sends sms to girls and says they are only friends. he hangs out at the pub with them. it feels lioke some days he is cheating on me. not with girls but the pub i see as the other woman.
some days i sit at home waiting for him, and when he hasnt come home by noon i start to worry. and then when i call him hes at the pub.

i feel like walking out the door. leaving behind all my stuff and he can have the baby and see how he goes with no outside life.

i dont have any friends as 2 of them went weird on me when i had the baby. and the few i do talk too are too busy with their own worries and the last thing they need is for me to be crying to them.

i have always been the rock for everyone and i find it really hard to find my own rock.

i even contemplated taking my life, but i couldnt do that to my parents , but it doesnt stop the thought going thru my head, somedays i just want it all to go away.

sorry for the long post but im at the end of my tether and i just dont care anymore

it's such an adjustment to a relationship having a child. i remember when bella was first born my husband was still living his normal life and i felt like i was caged in at home alone. it was like your life hasnt change at all. we communicated and talked heaps and as i was more positive, going for a walk every day and swimming a few nights a week, he was more supportive. we now work really well as a team.
i remember saying to him "im sorry i thought we were having a baby, i misunderstood it was just me going through this life change.
definetely talk to someone positive and try and do just one thing a day that will make you feel better.
just take one little step, make a phone call, see your council nurse, join a mothers group, go for a walk or paint your nails. whatever it is that will make you feel better.
there's always someone here to listen

bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

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