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Post Natal Arthritis Rss

Hi jacmad, Sorry to hear you too are having problems!! I didnt find the pain got worse I found it did move to different areas of my body but it was around the same level. The pain in my knees hung around the longest and then my feet the second. The pain in my wrists and elbows didnt stay for too long, thankfully. Once I knew what it was it was easier to cope with as it had a name. This does go away and it does get easier.It did make me very tired. I thought it was because I was 34 when I had my son and just too old in general. I use to wake up some days and swear I has switched bodies in the night with a 90 year old person! In the end I was sick of hearing my complain about it so I just shut and put up with it. This worked until one day I had to ask my husband to take the day off work to help me. Then he realised I was not just whinging I was actually having trouble. I hope you are feeling better very very soon. Take care of yourself and dont forget to stay active as exercise is the best thing for it, walking or swimming. I know its the last thing you feel like doing as you are just so tired all the time.
I realise this thread is very old but I am just so thrilled and relieved to discover I am not the only one!

I gave birth to my third child 17 months ago and developed very bad joint pain after the birth. For the first 12 months of her life I was like a crippled old woman! I am nearly back to normal now.

Incidentally, I did not experience this when I had my first two children and I have never had an epidural.

We are considering one more baby but the possibility of this returning makes me hesitate. I felt really disabled for a long time after my daughter was born!

Hi Girls,

I can't believe it, I agree with everyone, it is good (but not good that other people are suffering) to know that I am not on my own!!!!

I have a 7 1/2 month old bub, and I have the pain in my wrist (well leading to my thumb) and also some fingers. It only started happening just prior to X-Mas. I'm ok once I get going but when I wake up in the morning it is very painful, along with if I've held a paper or book to read in the one place.....OUCH!!!!

I'm praying that it does disappear evenutally as I'm 26 and don't want to feel like this forever!!!!

Oh well, I think about our beautiful bubs and it is worth it!!!!

Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

It was very interesting to find this post. I have arthritis too, but it is psoriatic arthritis. It is funny in that it went away last time I was pregnant, so I am hoping that it will go away soon again, as I'm about 7weeks preg again.
I have one bad foot that is slowly disfiguring, and I also get arthritis in my thumb/wrist joint, which makes it very hard opening jars, or taps, or writing when it is very sore. My lower back often gives me trouble too. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who finds it extremely difficult to get down on the floor and play with my children. Of course, it gets a lot better when I can be on medication, but at the moment, while pregnant, there is nothing I can do, and it's the same while breastfeeding. Sometimes it gets very frustrating. It's hard to get things done around the house too, and it's hard because people just don't understand!
Anyway, I'm hoping it goes away for awhile soon seeing as I'm pregnant again.

Hi everyone, Is so good to hear from all of you and to know that I to am not alone. I have been suffering with pain in my upper thighs & knees and my feet from when bub was 6 weeks old (he is now 4 months). I first thought that I had overdone exercising and pulled my thigh muscles but I stopped doing the exercises but the pain never went away. My feet then starting giving me troubles expecially when I was doing the midnight dash to bubs room.

Davina E's comments on the 31 October is what got me thinking. She was told that the arthritis has something to do the extra Progesterone in the body and it dawned on me that I started the Mini Pill (which is progesterone only) the same time I started my exercising - 6 weeks after bub was born. I have now stopped taking the mini pill to see what happens - I will let you know.

I would be very interested to know if you girls are also taking the mini pill??

Hope to talk to you soon

Tassie Mum

Thank god im not going mad!
I too have had such sore feet, i am literally hobbling whenever i get up. I had really, really bad swelling/ water retention and carpal tunnel during pregnancy. My feet went up nearly a size and a half and have not gone back (its been nearly 4 months since birth now).
My feet feel horribly stiff and sore and i thought it was just my body falling apart at 38. Glad im not alone. Would love to know if the fish oil and voltaren worked? I will try anything!
Hi ladies,

This is interesting. I suffer from chronic (long term back problems) but since the birth not only has my back got a lot worse (it was fine in pregnancy), I developers myriad of other pains in my body that I had never had before.

I'm 30. 2 months after my sons birth all I did was bend to lift him out if his swing chair and tweaked my back so badly I was crockward and bent to the side, I could not control it. Since then, I had immense pain daily in my back for 8 whole months! It caused chronic post natal depression.

Not only did I have the bad back, I developed really sore knees straight after the birth, they were fine in pregnancy. like you, it hurt to bend, walk up stairs, sit on the floor etc. I also had a really sore wrist. I went to a hand specialist and they said it's quite common with new mothers, it's called de quervain's tenosynovitis. My wrists were really sore! I had to wear a splint. Still 12 months on, I still have it and it's moved into my thumb! So annoying! Then to top all of this off, I got plantar fasciatis which is the foot pain. I honestly thought I was falling apart!! I got sent to a podiatrist and he suggested I wear supportive sneakers everywhere, so I did. Even at hm. Again this is apparantly quite common in mothers. I'd never heard of any if this.

It's scary to think all this can happen to your body. But yes the relaxin that you produce naturally when pregnant that loosens all the ligaments in preparation for the birth can affect the whole body. I do feel a whole lot better now with the pains, but some are still there.

I find it interesting you speak of postnatal arthritis, as like you I had not heard of it, but wondering if I could also have this. I am also really tired most of the time too.

It's good to know we are not alone in this shitty thing.
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