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Supportive Bra's is there any? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I'm sick of wearing bra's that don't support me whilst I'm out esp. walking.

I'm still breast feeding so you need the easy access whilst you're out.

My boobs aren't big they are just so floppy/saggy!!!

So if any one knows of a bra that is supportive, has easy access, is half attractive any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Casper

Well, i have the opposite problem- i dont have any boobs!! My sister was very much blessed with a decent pair and has just had a baby. She has just bought a few from Myers and also another one from Bra's n things. I think Myers(or David Jones has the biggest selection). Hope you find some
Hi Lara
Thanks. I went to bras'n'things and got fitted and asked for the most supportive nursing bra. It is so much more comfy!
I actually went from a 14D to a 12C!
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