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Pelvic Floor - Wee Wee Wee Lock Rss

Did anyone have a 3rd to 4th degree tear?? And is having trouble with their pelvic floor??

I attended physio for my pelvic floor so I knew that I was doing the exercies right. I kept up with the exercies for a few months & everything was really good.

Then I forgot, got lazy, found something better to do and now I am having to go to the loo all the time. (I don't leak or anything like some ladies can)

Just want to hear from some people experiencing the same problems, or have had good success out of keeping up with their exercies.

I was also told I wouldn't be able to have another birth that I would have to have a c-section. Anyone else?

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

I had 3rd degree tears.. long story short. Had internal tearing and had to have episotomy to fix internally then stitch outside.

I was told straight after birth that I would need ceaser next time. But at my 6 week visit I had healed really well and said that I may be able to deliver naturally but bubs would have to be induced early and no bigger than 6pd. But have to wait and see if there is a next time.. LOL

That is due to the amount of scar tissue there and it does not stretch like normal skin making delivery difficult.

I havent had any dramas with pelvic floor.. Is your fluid intake more than what u used to? I pee less than when I was pregnant so I am sooo happy bout that!! LOL
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