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Intimacy - No Thanks! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I know it is defiantely normal to not feel "in the mood" after having a baby and all, But it has been 6 months since I gave birth and I am just not interested in doing 'IT'. My poor fiance is very good at waiting but I do feel sorry for him, I just dont feel sexy I guess. Its no a body issue beacause I am almost at my pre-pregnant size. I just feel like I dont need sex, a cuddle and a kiss is great and we have a fanatsic relationship otherwise.
Is there something out there I can take to re-light my fire?? Has anyone felt this way or spoken to a GP about it? Will I feel sexual again??


Don't be concerned Natalie. Its been a year for me now and I have had a chat with the CHN and GP. They said it can take upto another year because I am still breast feeding.

There is a few things you can do to help things move along, although, not sure if its for you. There are a few courses you guys can go to about how there is now three in your relationship (lol). Um, there are natural supplements you could try - not sure about which ones though.

I should clarify it certainly hasn't been a year since 'we did it' (lol) - couldn't do that to the poor DH. Just a year since I have had that sexual feeling (as you put it). Now that Marvin Gaye song is going through my head - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

im definatly the same ur not alone.and on the odd occasion ive done it,it has been quite painful i dont know y and it hink that turns me off 2.i went to the doc and nothing seems to b wrong.but im never in the mood.
You aren't alone and well done for the courage in bringing up this subject. YOur fiance is very special waiting which you are very lucky for. My husband was also very patient with me after our baby was born, even during the pregnancy we didn't do anything past the 20wk mark (perahps earlier, seems like ages anyway). Being tired or having attention turned away from your relationship from what it used to be to what it is now we are all going though it. Try not to worry about feelin sexy again as you will when you and your body are ready for it. As corny as it sounds, the more you thinkabout it the more it could be a put off. I read somewhere that if you are breastfeeding sometimes that is all the sexual gratification you need.....I also read somewhere that after having a baby, SLEEP is the new sex because it is great whenever you can get it!! (LOL).

HOpe this helps.

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