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Does anyone have these? Am I normal??? Lock Rss

Lately I have been having really clear dreams, that I have got my DD next to me, as she won't settle, then I decide I have to get up to change her bottom which wakes me, then in a panic I hunt for her as she has gone which wakes me and I have to turn the light on to check where she is, it takes me about 30-60secs before I calm down and realise it was all a dream. Its very scary! DD has been in her own room since 6 wks (now 6 months) Does anyone else have dreams similar to these? Iam soo tired as it takes me ages to go back to sleep..
Yes and they are terrible - I used to wake up from a deep sleep and think where is he, I haven't fed him and just panic.

It was around the time that he started sleeping through the night and I would wake in fright and once I realised I was dreaming I would have to go and check him before I could get back to sleep.


Melissa,Melbourne, Vic

I keep dreaming that my pillow is the baby all wrapped up. When I wake up I often have to go and check that the baby is safe in her cot. It happens all the time. SO I guess its pretty normal.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Glad to know that I'm not the only one. I've had dreams that our baby was in our bed and I can't find her. I lift up the doona and search everywhere until my husband wakes and asks what I'm doing. Then I realise it is just a dream. One night my husband shook the doona well he regreted ever doing that as I was sure he had flung the baby out of the bed. Boy did he hear about it and then once I was wide awake boy did I hear about it. He thinks it is funny and I'm going crazy. At the time it terrifies me but later on I feel a little foolish.

ayla (4 months), jordan(4yrs), maddys(7yrs)

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