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Guilt...what a waste of time! Lock Rss

Hi all. I read a lot of your stories, and if I think I can answer one of your questions I do.
I can see that so many of us spend a lot of time beating ourselves up because of guilt that we feel about the jobs we do as mothers. Stay at home mums feel guilty about staying at home, working mothers feel guilty about leaving bubs to go to work or I shouldn't have started solids so early, or I have been starving bub my and should have started solids earlier and so on......

So instead of feeling guilt, share some joy about being a mum.

A great day for me was seeing the 1st roll for each of my twins. One rolled at 4 months and the other at 6 months. I just stopped what I was doing and just sat on the floor laughing with each one. I was so happy to have seen it. Now I am waiting for the 1st crawl....


What a great thread Danielle,

I think all of us a some stage beat ourselves up about parenting, its a 24/7 job and i wouldnt have it any other way.

I aslo can tell you i too spent hours on the floor when DD started to crawl, it was such a amazement of how much she had grown and how inderpendent she had become.

Yesterday i spent ages playing with her as she had just mastered putting the balls into the hole on one of her toys, she had been trying to do this for months. I got so excited that i think i scared her with all my screams and praise of her wonderful achivement.

I savour every moment i spend with her, 12months have just flown by. I dont feel guilty if the ironing doesnt get done til tomorrow.... Who cares!!
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