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who could u not live without Lock Rss

who in your life(apart from your bubba) could you not live without.incude friends,family etc

i couldn't live without my partner and my wonderful mother who is always there when i need a hand,house work etc,my relationship with her has strenghtened so much since bubs was born

she is my hero

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I couldn't live without my mum. We live across the driveway from each other. I call her about 5 times a day, always asking for help and she coms staight over.

Also, she picks my partner up from work every night at 10.30 even though she works too. She also cooks for me atleast 4 times a week. Oh, she also buys takeout for us all once a fortnight(we alternate weeks).
I couldn't live without my grandmother. She's been so helpful, giving lots of advice (but not forcing it) and just being there when I needed someone to talk to (cause let's face it, babies aren't great conversationalists!!) Also she was the only one that seemed to notice that I was a little depressed after the birth of my bub. Sometimes, I don't know what I'd do without her.

Sam and Hayley and bub

At the moment I would say my daily MSN mummies. Without the likes of Mel, Bb, Kezza, Smelly, Lethal and you Mimmy - I would be lost. Without you lot, who would laugh at my crazy little wise cracks - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I couldnt live without my mum cause she is my best friend and she is always there when I need her and she has never lie to me about anything and our relationship has definely got stronger since Jaye has been born and now understand where mum came from when she use to be so protective of me.

And my partner is excellent and a wonderful father and im glad I have him in my life and I feel so specail even if we have arugement but thats apart of life.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

i could not live without my partner, he is my rock and all i have got since all my family live in diffrent towns and his family want nothing to do with me
Your relationship with your mothers all sound like fairytales. I wish I could say the same about mine but the truth is she works full time, lives 45 minutes away and has a 5 year old child herself. Her relationship with my girls is almost non existent. My eldest daughter is 5 and my mum has only had her overnight mabye 4 times when she was born and i was really sick with post natal depression i really felt like i needed my mum and it breaks my heart that she was just to busy to be there for me.
Think yourself lucky ladies i would give anything to have a mother like yours.

vic, 2 girls, 20m and 5y

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