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sick and cant do things Lock Rss

so sunday i woke up witha sore throat and thought nothing of it
yesterday i woke up and i thought someone was sticking a knife down my throat.
my nose was blocked and i had a huge headache
and i had to get up and look after Lillie
well i was up for about an hour when i thought i was going to faint.
luckly hubby is on easter holidays.i went up to the hospital last night and they confirmed tonsilitis
yuk yuk yuk!!!!
so hear i am snuggled up with the heater on blowing my nose and eating icypoles
gosh when ur sick and a mother it really takes it out of you
things u could usually do seem impossible

Lillie....1 year old!!!

its horrible wen ur sick and even harder wen u have a bub to look after.just wanted to let u know im thinking of u and i hope u feel better really
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