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Hi there. I am a mother of a 4mth old baby boy. I am finding I am lossing heaps of hair, (I mean chunks) especially when I wash my hair. I have heard it is quite normal especially if you are breastfeeding, which I am also doing. I am thinning out quite badly. At this rate I will have no hair by the time he is 6mths. Is it due to breastfeeding? or is it something else?
Please help.
I dont think it is due to breastfeeding, I havent breastfed since bub was just under a month old (4 months now) and I too am losing hair - it is everywhere. The house is covered in it - it gets stuck around bubs fingers & toes. My partner keeps getting cranky with me but I dont know what to do about it.
hey check out the topic 'hair falling out' youre not alone!!!
heres a link you might like to look at

just one of many sited.

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hair loss after pregnancy

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Don't panic - your hair will grow back and stop falling out.

This happened in my first pregnancy 10 years ago. I would be washing my hair and my hands would be covered in hair. I panicked and went out and bought an expensive shampoo that stimulates the hair follicles to promote growth. The bottle got wasted in the end.

I never got a doctors opinion, but I believe the main reasons were:
* Hormonal
* Brestfeeding
* Humidity
* Stress
* Poor diet

Mine happened because I moved countries and went to live in Malaysia when my baby was 9 weeks old. Perhaps I wasn't eating right when I first arrived. There were too many demands on my body. But in the end it goes away. I have no bald patches - the hair grows back. It is all quite normal apparently.

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