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Hi does anyone have friends that just compare anything and everything? My best friend i love her to death but she just compares and it drives me nuts although she only had her bubs a coulpe of weeks ago and mines 6months next week threw pregnancy she had to compare weight all the time i put on heaps and still losing it where she's nearly back to her old self. And she keeps telling me how good a sleeper her little one is and i really don't want this **** to continue because it drives me nuts. Does manyone else feel like this?
maybe ur mate doesn't mean to 'compare' in a negative way. i think allmum's get together n chat about what their bub's are doing etc etc.
maybe ur taking it the wrong way ?
i did have a mate like that.......but i lost contact wif her after a fell pregnant
anyway hope all is well

Danni, WA,

Hey there Adele,

I agree a little with Danni I think, it's really hard to not compare, especially when you have both got babies! I find it really hard to stop myself at the best of times, I think it's called being a proud paarent!!! Especially with a new born as everything is so new and "Wow"!!!
But when they go on and ON about it, that is where it gets tedious! I know it seems hard, but probably tyhe best thing to do is have a quiet word with her, and explain as much as possible about how your feeling, and she mat not know that she is doing it. She may realise and back off abit smile

I hope it helps, it's just the first thing that came to mind!


hi there,
completely understand where you are coming from! However, not the competiting friend, more like the comparing mother in law and how she compares both grandchildren, ours and one from her other son. What is it with these women? I don't think that she realises that she is comparing them outrightly like that but to me I get sick of hearing about it. Just remember with your friend, she only tells you the good bits, you have a little one also and you know that it isn't always as rosy as you could make it out to be!! Cheers to sanity!! SJ x
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