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Desperate housewife Lock Rss

Lately(the past week) i have been feeling really lonely like a desperate housewife.i see friends every day,bubs and i go for 2 walks daily and im really enjoying her at this age(5months).
But inside im just not feeling right,
i really cant explain it well,
i am wanting some attention on myself from hubby,we dont comminicate well and every evening i sit alone watching telly till i go to bed,there just isn't affection the way there was when you first meet someone,i love hubby dearly and have spoken to him about it,he said that i need a hobby???
im just feeling as though he doesn't notice me the way he did.

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi! I often feel the same way. I have found that things with my husband arent the same as when we first met - probably cos we know each other now and are used to each other. He works night shift, so I spend only one or two nights with him per week, so I dont see much of him. Obviously, I get lonely, especially as I dont see many friends, or get out much! I'm not sure what you can do about it. It sounds to me like you need to do something for yourself, without your baby, if that's at all possible. It's nice to get some time away every now and then. If you ever want to chat, my email is [email protected]


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I think what you described is fairly standard for a lot of mummies. I can see myself kind of coming out of the desparate housewife senario you described Mimmy. There is a few courses around for first time parents, on how to re-connect now there is 'three' in the relationship. I think the most important thing is to acknowledge that its different, that you may not be happy etc. That is a huge step and a lot harder than just ignouring or hoping it will go away. I remember being told that it takes a year to get over having a baby, both physically and mentally. Although we'll never be the same as we were before of course - lol. I suppose my suggestion is not to be too self critica. You deserve some attention and especially need extra support. Not only are you sleep deprived, looking after your little one 24/7 - but your hormones are out of control.

I think most blokes response is 'get a hobby' - they aren't as complicated as us chickies - lol. I know I need to rekindle my relationship with DH. It was put to me by my CHN to look at it as if you are starting over. Like that whole dating stage, going out on a date, holding hands, snuggling etc. I'm not sure if that helps any, for you I mean.

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I feel like that some times and I thought that it was just me and I think our partners forget that we still need to be love and have some attention as well but mimmy you dont need a hobby you need your husband to love you like before Lilly was born.

Sometimes my partner and I have candle light dinner and we have some wine and enjoy each other company and it feels great and normally Jaye in bed when this happens but not always.

I agree with Kazi maybe you can get someone to look after Lilly for a night to have some fun together and maybe make it every week or monthly for your time together or go on pinic as a family cause that fun.

Chat soon.

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