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Severe Acne Lock Rss

After I had my little one I seemed to have developed severe acne on my chin line/neck. My GP has refused to give me any medicine because I am still bf (which of course is fair enough), but I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem??

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I had bad acne during pregnancy that got REALLY bad right at the end and after the birth. It slowly got better but it took a good 3-4 months I reckon to completely clear and I still get the odd one now and then. Sucks dunnit. Sorry, I can't help but I sympathise smile .
Poor YOU!
Are you stressed? That will cause Acne.
Try treating yourself to a face mask-u can buy Nivea Visage face masks in little sachets from BIG W in the beauty section! and they feel lovely!
Change your face cream as well as your hormones are changing and your face cream could be irritating your acne!
I like the Nivea Visage YOUNG range! It's gentle and feels great!
Goodluck! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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I had really bad acne while I was pregnant, someone put me on to a benzac face wash that you can get from most chemists. It contains benzol poroxide and I found it fantastic.
Hope it works for you....oh and plenty of water.

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Hi , i too got it bad after my son was born , but it was just hormones and after a few months it went away - mind you it has just come back and i dont know why.. Its horrible cause its your face , and i hate putting lots of makeup on to cover it up , but i do when we go out , just not when im at home. How old is your baby?
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