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I was wondering if the post baby jelly belly is a permanent thing? I am limited in what ab exercises I can do because of my back. I have a small jelly belly, but still, not keen to have one at all. I've come to terms with me never being a supermodel (lol) but would like to feel sexy again, one day - ha ha ha.

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oh you are a sexy sugar mummy lol
water helps skin heaps
i drank it all through my pregnancy too
love mim

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hey kazi how r u 2day?i dont know if your back is the same as mine but eva since they tried to give me a spinal block wen i woz having jackson(they tried 4 ova 1hr to get it in no success),my back is stuffed i can hardly even get out of bed some mornings im sure they hit a love to get rid of my jelly belly 2 but seem to b only able to do certail exercises now.u just want to feel good about yourself hey.
I have pelvic instability and for that reason I am also limited in the exercise that I can do but the physio told me about abdominal bracing this i'm sure is like pilates when sitting or standing try drawing your belly button in towards your back as if you are trying to shorten the distance between your stomach and back. This can also be done on all fours drawing the belly button up once again and holding for 8-10 secs and relaxing for 8-10secs. Oh and of course pelvic floor exercises the ones we all love to do he he smile
Hope it helps

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