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Fitness? Lock Rss

Hi there!!
I am a mum of a beautiful thriving 8 month old. I live in a remote corner of NZ, and am home all day with my baby girl. I was wondering if someone out there had any creative fitness ideas??? It rains ALOT here, and as I said is very remote. I do not have a backpack, so the only real place to walk is around the village which is done in 2 minutes!
It will be much appreciated.
Mum of Melissa


You can do exercise with your baby. (lay bub on your legs and do sit ups or leg lifts, that kind of thing, or turn on some music and boogey with your baby. Babies love it and you get some exercise.

Wendy, Qld, DD 20/08/04, DD 22/06/05, DS 24/03/98

Hi, have you thought about fitness dvd or videos? I bought the billy blanks tae-bo and bootcamp dvd's which are fantastic. Although finding the motivation to do them is another thing! LOL
Good Luck.

mum to two gorgeous guys

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