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How to lose weight after bub Lock Rss

I need some help.My youngest bub is 6 mths old am Im finding it hard to lose my pregnancy weight.I have had 5 children and breastfed them all except for my last.No milk.He was also born by emergency ceaser where as the others were normal.I am felling quite depressed but I cant afford to join any weight loss centres etc.I am a fairly healthy person and walk 5 kms 4 times a week. I need to lose a stone.It might not sound much but my clothes dont fit me .I just thought someone out there might have some helpful tips or a great diet that actually works.I hope someone reads this and helps me .Tess3au mum of 5

Therese,5 Children

I relate totally, I had a ceaser due to my son being 4.8kg and 7 mths later I am still fighting to loose the flab and its a pain in the butt.... I have just joined weight watchers and although you noted that you couldn't afford to join anything like that, one of the things you have to do is write down what you eat, that means everything and I have found this to be really helpful especially being at home and constantly going to the fridge or cupboard to see what's there. Knowing that I have to write it down and go over it at the end of the day it's surprising how much you can eat without realising.

I may be making excuses for myself and others may not have experienced this but I think it's harder to loose weight when you have had a ceaser apart from not being able to do any aerobic work for 3 months you have that flabby gut that just won't budge.

Apart from exercise and watching what you eat, you need patience, and believe me I am at the end of mine but you hang in there and you'll be back to your slimming self before you know it.


Jean, Qld, Ethan 14/8/03


I have recently started using a fit ball. Got it really cheap from ebay. I absolutely recommend it for toning and weight loss. Got fitball dvd for dummies and after 1 week i am seeing and feeling results.

It is fun to use and not strenuous at all.

I use it every night after Gg goes to sleep for the night

Have a go, i was amazed

I wonder if this is true.I never had any trouble losing it after my other 4 so Im wondering if it has something to do with the ceaser.This flabby gut is disgusting.Im not very patient as I m not fitting into my clothes which Depresses me but Im not that far off just a stone would be great.Good on you for losing your weight and hopefully theres some hope for me yet lol.What date was your baby born and is this your first .Would love to hear from you again.Bye Take care Therese

Therese,5 Children

That sounds promising Iactually have a fit ball in my cupboard but I havnt even taken it out of the box.What exercises do you do with it and for how long.As I said i walk 4 to 5 Kms brisk walking 4 times a week but this would be great for my flabby tummy.I would love to hear back from you as to how it is going and I will certainly dust the cobwebs off mine and give it a go.Anything is worth a go.Thanks for replying Therese

Therese,5 Children

hello there,

sorry for the delay, Georgia was born on the 12 september 03. She is my first. I love being a mummy!!

I only started to loose my tummy not long ago, Georgia is 7 months now. I was always thinking, "i should do something about my belly" then i saw a few extreme make over shows which gave me the push i needed, the 2 ladies i saw were middle aged and they had not toned back their bellies from being pregnant and their bellies looked like crunched up crepe paper!!!

I began doing all sorts of excersises, I am so glad I tried the fit ball as it is fun to use and not hard work at all. I have never been able to do a full sit up in my life and I did one for the first time yesterday and my tummy is strong enough (i guess!)

The easiest and the best excersises I find , are when you are lying on the floor and put your legs up on top of the fit ball and use your bottom to push yourself up. Is great for the back of thighs and bottom. No huffing and puffing either, for the tummy, if I sit on the ball like a chair and then move forward so I am lying on my tailbone, and do mini sit ups, just little ones, I feel it after about 3 sit ups! it makes a difference though, as you get stronger you can lean your back further, so there is a bigger distance to sit up. The ball sort of helps you come up too as it is bouncy.

i will write more soon, georgia is having a wiggle fit on my lap.

Thanks Therese, i will let you know some more excercises.

Hi Again,

The little possom is having sleepies now, it is strange how I can only spell correctly if I type with two hands, my right hand must not know how to spell......

Congratulations on your 5 children, you have done so well taking care of your belly, I find it hard work just from one normal birth let alone a ceaser!!

I bought a dvd "fit ball for dummies" it only takes up 20 mins a session, so i try and excersise with it after Georgia goes down for the night.

Another easy excersise is sitting on top of the ball and simply lifting one knee up then put down and then lift the other knee up, then place foot back on the ground.helps the quads at the front of the thigh, lunges are easier with the fit ball for the quads too as most of your body weight is on the ball, not your legs. is a bit hard to explain, my email address is [email protected] I would love to hear from you, I can organise a video or dvd for you too. I would love to be able to help in some way,

Cool lets get our waists back!
I hope you are feeling ok, the changes our bodies go though is enormous isn't it? I recommend to take your time with it, even if you just work on one exercise at a time, though you must be busy with your children. You may not notice now but walking is excellent for your whole body including your abs. You are probably in better shape than you think.

Take Care and thanks for reading my post,
I forgot to mention, I used a sports pump to pump the ball up, it is recommended to take the ball to a petrol station to get pumped up the first time but the pump is fine, I did not want the ball too pumped up anyway as it is harder to balance then........

Hi Tess,
I know how you feel I have just had my 3rd & am now in my mid 30's. I decided to try what I did when I had my c-sect with my first child which was 14 & 1/2 years ago ( so glad it was my only c-sect I feel for you). I did Yoga, walked & did very mild half sit up with bubs. All worked then & does now. I also did a bit of Aqua Aerobics. If you can't afford Yoga there are quite a few Video tapes going around that are good price & are about a 30 min session. Yoga is also very good for the mind. I alternate all these exercises over a week & find it easy to fit in & not too demanding on your body. As you have already been suggested, Weight Watchers are pretty good I saw my sister loose 15 or so kilos after nothing else worked.


well guys
dont mean to sound rude but what is all the complainin about
i am not sure what a stone is but i am 25 kilos heavier then i used to be and i am absolutely devasted
although i am trying to work my arse off (literally) at the gym although it is hard when my partner works shifts and i work through the day
i have a fitball but i am not really getting anywhere
my gal is 15 months old and im still fat


DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hey girls I am the same I only put on 9 kilos with my little man and ended up having a ceasar. Yes I know that isn't a great deal of weight but I can't fit into anything except maternity stuff which I would love to get out of.

I would have lost at least 6 kgs of it the week after he was born (he was only 3.11kgs though) and I reckon I nearly lost the other kgs when I went on the mini pill. Well I found while being on the mini pill I put all the baby weight back on! Noooooooo!

Not sure whether any of you are on the mini pill but this could be a bit of the problem? I am fine on my normal pill and never put on weight but with the mini pill it was a different story.

Bloody weight!
Hi girls, I put on 18 kilos with my son now nine months and oly lost ten at the birth meaning 8kg was too much food during pregnancy!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it though!

I joined weight watchers 14 weeks ago after getting depressed over my weight gain and I haven't looked back. I have lost 9 kilos in that time.

The beauty of the program is that you count points and can eat anything as long as you don't go over your points for the day. They also have a special program for breast feeding mothers so you get more points to ensure you have enough for yourself nutritionally as well as bubs. It only costs 16.95 a week to go and unlike other programs you dont have to buy "special" food. Also, some health funds pay a rebate for this. For example I'm with NIB and they pay $200 dollars towards Weight Watchers. SO I went for 10 weeks for free!! 16.95 x 10 visits. It ended up costing me only 33 dollars to join and at the momment they have a deal going for free membership for spring.
Sure it's not for everyone but its doable and affordable.

Good Luck!

Jodi VIc 9 month old baby boy

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