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Losing weight and/or keeping it off while breastfeeding? Lock Rss

I was quite happy with my belly a few weeks after I gave birth. I thought it was pretty much back to normal. (Please note that I have always had a bit of a pot belly and have never had a flat one). I was also happy with my weight loss after the birth. I think I lost 10kgs straight away (baby and all that other stuff you lose) and then lost another 4kgs in the next 6 weeks (I gained about 17kg I think). But now I feel like my belly is expanding again! I am getting a real tyre! It's so hard to not eat too much as I seem to be always hungry and have a particular liking for sweets. sad
I have tried to get out for walks but I find it tire easily as I still feel the effects of my Ceaser and lately it's been either too hot or raining. sad
I feel depressed and then I just want to go eat another Ice Cream or bar of Chocolate *sigh*
Congratulations on loosing that much. Not sure if this makes you feel any better but I'm so jelous !!!

I wonder if its a hormone thing as I some-times feel a bit down, look in the mirror and feel extra fat - then want sweeties. I was never so conscious about my body till after having a baby either.

I've got an exercise DVD for those 'too hot or raining days' but do you think I've tried it - NOPE !!!

The only way I get around it is not to buy any sweeties. That way, if I want them - I have to walk upto the shops - LOL.

Those Ceasar's are very interesting. Its been 8 months and I still have times where it plays up. I am amazed looking at it compared to my daughters currrent size. I still can't believe she came ot of there.

Gosh I go on and on.
: )

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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