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Hair Loss! Helpp! Lock Rss

I'm losing so much hair, I can see my scalp at the top of my head. Even friends have noticed it. If anyone knows of any remedies or is going through something like this, please, please I would like to hear from you. I dread looking in the mirror now...!


I think the same thing is happening to me. I had my baby 7 months ago and about 6 weeks ago I noticed if I have my hair parted a certain way you can see my scalp and I have masses of hair as well. I imagine this is temporary. I will check with maternal nurse. If it gets worse I will worry and seek medical advice then. I think this does happen after you give birth.

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I'm sure I hve lost half my hair! Its making me depressed. Hve cut my hair to above my shoulders ... even my hairdresser seems concerned for me. I am also taking multivitamins. Well, I'm seeing a GP tomorrow about this. I hve 4.5month old baby. I started losing hair at 3months.


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Hello, I too lost a lot of hair and continued to do so for at least the first 10 months. I went to the Drs who did some blood test to check if I had a thyroid problem as that can cause your hair to fall out as well. My thyroid was fine it was just my body trying to recoup from the pregnancy. One of the ladies from my mothers group had big bald patches and she had her hair cut short as well. It does stop but I know about your concern as I had it as well. But the best is yet to come when the hair grows back and you have "spikes" sticking out all over the place as it will not sit down. You have hair at all different lengths and a lot of mine grew back grey!!
It is all to do with our lovely hormones being all over the place. Keep smiling!!
Dear JZ, Calebsmum & Tonipie,

Thanks for the reassurance & for responding to my 'Helpp!'. I knew that there will be postnatal hair loss but I did not expect it to be this much! I hear it goes on at 3-6months postpartum... I'm into my 4.5month, and its frightening to think that at the rate I'm losing hair now, there could be nothing left to fall out by the 6th month! Honestly, I did not have that much hair to start of with, so you can imagine my desperation at this point. I'm even thinking that I may hve to start looking for a wig! If any of you hear of remedies to slow this down, do post it at this site. I would be ever so grateful. At this stage here's what I'm already doing: (1) Taking multivitamins (2) Washing my hair alternate days & with cool water (3) Using a widetoothed comb (4) Masaging my scalp to encourage circulation (5) seeing a GP soon. This phase I'm going thru is scaring me off to have a 2nd child. Am I overeacting????


Hello NewMum1711 I dont think you are over reacting at all!! I started to think I had that balding disease. I was so relieved when the other mums from my mothers group all complained about it as I thought I was a freak. As my Dr said to me, your body has been through a major thing and it all takes time to settle down. He told me to not be so hard on myself and just go with the flow. I told him it was easy for him to say will all his hair on his head and me with mine in my lap, floor, fingers, food, furniture,clothes etc. I had hair every where which was just as embassaring. I think also after you have a baby you really want to feel "pretty" again and a womens hair is her crowing glory. Try not to stress about it too much as stress can make your hair fall out too. If all else fails I thought Sinead O'Connor ( think that was her name the Irish singer) was very pretty she didnt need hair. With the turning you off the 2nd baby, you do forget all these things.
Hi I'm experiencing the same thing and know how horrible and depressing it can be. (especially after you've washed your hair and clumps are falling out) Make me feel kind of naked. But there is light at the end of the tunnel or should I say head.
I spoke to my hairdresser who's a new mum herself and basically it's very normal and it all has to do with our lovely hormones (like they don't cause us enough grief) she also said that when I stop breastfeeding my hormones would return to normal and my hair will start to regrow, (and since I want to breastfeed until my son's at least 1 I'll probably end up with very little hair).
But I guess that's part and parcel of having kids. The joy's of motherhood.
Don't let it put you off having more kids, just think of the joy and love your baby brings into your life and losing your hair personally is a small price to pay. Cheer up, we can all be bald together. ( A new fashion statement).
Take care.
I had a doctor's appointment today. Nothing out of expectation - I have to do a blood test to rule out any other cause. She also recommended certain vitamins to take for hair nutrition, and better to speak to the pharmacist/naturopath for advice in regards to this. She also said "Try not to stress!". Its good to know that there are others like you all going thru the same thing. I wish there was something we could take to at least encourage more growth OR slow the loss! I hope my experience will end soon, as I am suppose to return to work in a few months time. If this doesn't resolve, I cant work looking like this as my job requires me to look and present myself well. (The bald look definitely does not suit me, fashionwise!)


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Hi NewMum1711,

My daughter was also born 17/11 and I feel like a malting animal. I can sympathise, I have hair everywhere. My pillow is covered every morning etc... I know this sounds horrible and it feels it too, but instead of washing your hair on alternate days as you suggested, I have started only twice a week, doing all the other things you suggested and I was also told not to use a hair dryer( sorry but I have to do that still if I'm going out!) Are you still breastfeeding, cause I am and I've been told it won't settle till I stop because of the different hormone levels.
Good Luck and I love the makeover idea, Im going back to work in August and have very low self esteem at the moment as I can't seem to loose weight- I eat very healthily but just too much! So I think I might try that

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Hello Shelli,
Yes, I've been thinking about washing my hair as needed only! I'm scared to see all that hair on my hand and clogging up the shower hole! My GP says something about taking more Vitamin A, but that is not suitable if you're bfeeding or planning another pregnancy. I had a chat to the pharmacist and she recommended this product called Silicea in a colloidal suspension. Its a number one product in Europe for hair, skin and nail health. I bought a bottle and have been taking it for the last few days. Today I noticed that my hair did not come out in huge amounts as it did before. (Still drops but it did not look as scary today!). Only time will tell how effective it really is.
Well, interesting to note that I stopped bfeeding at 3mnths which was the time that I started losing hair... and its continued on to this day. So bfeeding or not, its bound to happen at the expected period of time. As for the use of the hairdryer, I have a cool shot function which I use instead of the heat setting. Yes, that a good point, Shelli, about the hairdrying!
I have cut my hair to a bob-style above my shoulders and bought a hair band to wear to cover the front and top of my head.
Loosing weight... I guess it can take a year for some people.! Hang in there... I'm sure there are lots of people in the same boat too!
All the best, and if anyone else have any other suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


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