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hey all,
does anyone out there know of any good tips, or tablets to losing the extra weight gain from pregnancy???? My twin boys are now eight months and im determine to lose the extra weight.
Please help.
Sorry Tracy, I don't gain weight during pregnancy. I gain it after. A week after I delivered my twins I was the same weight as I conceived them. Now over 13mths later I weigh more than I did full term. I'll be watching this string to see if anyone has suggestions that I haven't previously ignored.

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For me I think it has been just having snack sized meals throughout the day. Helps your metabolism to speed up...and no eating before bed! They say don't eat anything at least an hour before bed.

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I am not one for being a sales person(in fact i hate the idea), but i have joined the Avon clan. Mainly so i have a reason that i have to go walking otherwise i would pay it off and be lazy (and i like to buy things in the books:). I try to drink heaps of water too. I was pretty lucky with this first bub and I haven't put on any extra. I think that was also because she is premmy and i had her before a completely popped out. good luck!

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