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sore c-section scar Lock Rss

its been 4mths and my scar is still really tender
how long does it take to go back to normal?
has anyones numbness ever gone away?
my doc says it takes time and i was just wondering how much time it really does take?

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Hi Chelby. My scar was sore for a while. I dont remember when it got better it sort of just did and I forgot about it. A friend of mine was more tender than I was 6 months later but all is fine with her and she is now pregnant with her next one. My caesarean was now 20 months ago and my scar is still numb but not as bad as it was. The other day I was lieing on the lounge and my son was standing on my stomach. He actually stood on my scar and it was painful. I recently went to a wedding and was dancing with the flower girl which meant I was carrying her on my stomach and moving around. It didnt hurt at the time but the next couple of days I was tender. I guess its just another lovely battle wound we have to show for our gorgeous children.
hi Janeen

do you know how long you should wait before getting pregnant again?
how long has it been for your friend?
has she had any ligament pains or anything?


DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Chelby, I have had 2 c sections and the first was nearly seven trs ago and the 2nd 7 mths ago and I have found that it has felt numb since the first, it never feels the same again, but as they say everybody is different, this time round it was not as sore but it still feels really munb now

tayla 16/08/03

Hi Michelle I know a few people who have had caesareans. One just had her 2nd baby last month and had another caesarean. Her child would have only been 9 - 10 old when she fell pregnant again. My other friend is around 3 months preg so her daughter would have been around 16 - 17 months when she fell pregnant. I thought it was advised to wait at least 12 months but perhaps that is old. However there was a professor on TV the other day saying that recent studies have shown it is far better for both mother and child to wait 12 months before you fall pregnant again. Who knows.... I think if you wanted to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) then time in between would be better to give the scar time to heal so you dont have a rupture. The one who had the second baby last month said she did get strange pain around the scar site sort of like a cramp but not all the time. I guess you would have to expect that from scar tissue as it does not stretch. She had no problems with her first caesarean and was up walking with no problems the next day, but she said this one was different as she couldnt walk properly for a few days. Hope this helps.
hello my son was about 8 months old when i fell with no.2 and no2 was 4 months ols when i fell with no3 all c sections my doc said when you are healead at abot 6-8 weeks its fine to try again good luck my email if u want to talk more is [email protected] bye

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thanks for all your replies.
my scar is just coming good now. almost 6mths to the day. and ive noticed today that its not as numb as it was which is a bonus.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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