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when to expect my first period Lock Rss

I have a five month old daughter and i have not had a period since i conceived. i have been told that everyone is different but i was wondering when others first got thier periods back. husband and i are talking about when we want the next baby but its really hard to plan when i haven't started my menstrual cycle yet.

thanks for your help
Hi Mum1,

My baby girl is also five months old and I have had two periods since I had her. I haven't been breastfeeding since she was 8-9 weeks old, so I think that's why I got them back so quickly.
I don't think you menstuate while you are breastfeeding.

thanks for your reply,

i am still breastfeeding, (i have just started solids) although a friend of mine is breast feeding and got her period a few months after birth. The worst thing is not knowing when to expect it. I was told that going on the mini pill will get me back into routine but that hasn't helped either.

Hi mum of 1,
I have a 6 month old son and got my 1st period when he was 5-1/2months old. I think he can depend on when you start solids. But then i guess everbody is different.
Where do you live? Me and my hubby are going to start trying for another bubby later in the month. I'd love to keep incontact seeing as though we're 1st time mum's and our bubbys are around the same age and we are both also ready to join the mum of 2 group.
What's your little one's name?
Hope to hear from you.
[email protected]
I've included my email address incase you need someone to talk to.
Hi, my son is 7 months old and is breastfed and on solids and I still haven't got a period. I spose this doesn't help mush but I thought it might give you some scope on how long it could take.
My son is 8 months old - I'm still breastfeeding. I got my first period when he was exactly 13 weeks old and he started sleeping through the night at about nine weeks old so I don't know if that has anything to do with it - I'm not on the pill. I suppose everyone is different. Obviously you ovulate before you get you first period back but I don't know if there is anyway of knowing when.

thanks everyone for your replies, they help alot. It seems that this topic is yet another thing in the land of motherhood/babies that everyone is different. I'll just have to be patient and wait.

Hi Storm, my babies name is Emily and she is the most precious and beautiful girl. i will keep in contact, thanks for your email address.
What is your son's name, are you organised for the naming ceremony?

Chat soon
I got my period back when my son was 4 weeks old, I was breastfeeding still and was told that i wouldn't ovulate while I was breastfeeding, everyone is different. With my daughter she was 9 weeks old and i was still feeding her.

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Hi Mum1
i got my period back when Hannah was 13wks
shes on both breast and bottle
I never used to think i suffered from PMS but since not having a period for just over 12mths, boy o boy was i crabby, for 2 days before it came back. i just thought i was tired. also i was told that your 1st period after a baby is a little more painful but i didnt find that to be the case at all.

a friend of mine went 3mths with her 1st bub and then 6mths with her 2nd . and she only had 3 periods in 12mths

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Hi mum1
My son is 6 months next week, not sure where the time went, I'm still breast feed him and he's on 2 solid feeds a day plus 5 breast. I still haven't gotten my period but I'm not complaining as they were shocking before I had Liam, especially not being on the pill. I have a mother in my mums group that got hers back about a month ago and she's still breast feeding her boy whose a week younger than Liam.
Its like everything with pregnancy, childbirth, and babies its all different.

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Just thought I'd add a post - I also worried about return of periods. Mine returned just recently at 7 months after birth. He was breastfed exclusively for 3 months, then slowly weaned onto bottle feeding over 2 months, and I waited another couple of months for return of the dreaded period. A question my sister-in-law asked me when I asked her about it (her eldest child is nearly 2), was whether my body was still making milk. You can check by squeezing your nipple and seeing if any milk comes out. If so, your body is still thinking it is breastfeeding apparently. I think she was told this by a child health nurse, but could be worth checking this out with your own child health or clinic nurse or doctor.
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I breastfed my first baby until she was 12 months old and didn't get a period at all until 6 weeks after I stopped feeding her. Even when I was down to only breastfeeding her once a day (morning feed on alternate boobs each morning), there was still no sign of a period.
I was expecting the same thing to happen with my second baby, but my period returned 'out of the blue' when he was seven months old and still on 4 breastfeeds a day. What a bummer!!! (and these rotten periods are heaps more horrible than they ever were before having mum says they only get worse as we get older too!!! YAY!
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