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Looking after yourself with a Baby

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PANDA launches a new online Mental Health Checklist for Expecting and New Parents Lock

PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia has recently launched a new online Mental He...

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Prenatal and postnatal depression is very common. one of my friends goes through postnatal depression


Best Natural Overnight Diaper info 2019 Lock

In my ceaseless chase for characteristic infant items, I used to utilize Seventh Generations'...

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Mother with Tetralogy of fallot Lock

Hello, I was born with congenital heart disease Tetralogy of fallot and I'm currently 20 we...

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Sarah Willy Chadwick

Painkillers before IVF Lock

Hi there! Well, I have another query...I just got on a call with my friend she also had an IVF la...

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Scared of intercourse Lock

Hi, my LO is very close to 6 months old.. When I gave birth to him, I had an episiotomy and 3rd d...

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Anxiety in first trimester Lock

Anyone having anxiety with there first trimester? I’m waking up feeling panicked and have extreme...

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Post partum alopecia Lock

Anyone else ecperiancing intence post partum alopecia? My daughter is 14 weeks and 5 days. I hav...

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I went for lopping off 6-9 inches of my hair, as i read that it's worse with longer hair, and kept my hair tied up in a braid o...


Stretch marks Lock

Hey All I had my bub 3 months ago and havent lost a single kg and have the worst stretchmarks ev...

19 replies

My abdomen had a lot of lines during pregnancy.I had big belly. I have been using this dermalmd twice a day for a few weeks now and ...


Cephalexin during first trimester Lock

Hi ladies I've been prescribed cephalexin for sinusitis. I'm trying natural remedies f...

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Mother's group Bossley Park/Wetherill Park/Fairfield/Cecil Hills etc Area Lock

I'm a new member & has 5week old baby Boy. Anybody knows mother's group running aro...

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Healthy Mummy Lock

Hi everyone! I'm a Mum to 3 little ones and run a local support group with women who are int...

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Anxiety and depression during pregnancy Lock

Hi everyone, My work is currently running a research trial evaluating a new online treatment pro...

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struggling with number 3 Lock

hi all I am now coming into my 7 month with my beautiful baby girl and still breastfeeding that&#...

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i read your post a few days ago and didn't answer because I had no advice to give, but I have been thinking about you since and...


Mums and bubs yoga for R U OK day? Lock

Melbourne based mamas, Mama's me-time is hosting a special mums and bubs yoga class on Thurs...

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Baby massage Lock

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Second On the way! Lock

Hi ladies I recently found out I was pregnant with baby number 2. Due end of the year/early Jan. ...

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Thanks Ladies, I find the second time round more scary than tge first. ( I didn't have a 1 year old to chase the first time). ...


Back to work anxieties Lock

Hi. I have an 8 and half mnth old girl. She has just entered the phase of attachment/ object per...

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I remember when my little one started her first day at nursery and i dropped her off for the first time it was awful i never saw her...


Implanon Lock

So I've had the implanon for about 7 months and I woke up went to the toilet and I had a hug...

5 replies

I understand your concern. But spotting in between periods with the implanon is normal. Everyone is different. Some people have non ...


Struggling Lock

Bub is 12 weeks, she's amazing. She's my third child. Others are 3 and 7. I'm so t...

1 reply

Hi babe I had this I think it's because it's your third and everyone always wants you relax your doing great and don'...


Ovarian cysts and pregnancy Lock

Hey ladies, So i was just wondering has anybody had an ovarian cyst and had a baby?i am really wo...

4 replies

Baby will be fine! They did a ultrasound and baby was a jumping jelly bean didn't even seem stressed or in pain like me so don&...


Sex drive girls help Lock

Hi girls what can I do to get my sex drive going I feel like I need a tablet or something to star...

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Looking for work? Lock

So I have 3 boys and they are at school and then my baby's at home so I'm looking for a...

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Sacroilliac joint dysfunction and low back! Lock

Hi there, Has anyone had sacroilliac joint dysfunction post baby? I've had really bad low b...

3 replies

Due to hormones released during pregnancy, relaxation of the ligaments that holds the SI joints together allows for increased motion...


I Can't Sleep Lock

Hi There My bubba is 9 weeks old now and waking once or twice a night. On average he'll wak...

12 replies

We scrapped swaddling very early on for that reason too he hated it and always wriggled out. He just has a sheet and blanket tucked...


Do you feel like you get enough support from your partner? Lock

Would you like to see them doing more or taking on more responsibility? Let us know your thoughts...

3 replies

What I mean is ask for help if you need it, but don't expect or wish for that someone else would help you more. It can lead to...


Looking for mummy friends! In penrith Lock

Hi my name is Nicole and I have an 10 going on 11 month old daughter. I am looking for mummy frie...

1 reply

Hi Nicole, how are you? How's bubs going? I have a 14 month old!!! Ever since he was born I've been looking for an oppor...


What are your top tips for shedding unwanted baby weight? Lock

It can be challenging to juggle the demands of a new baby, alongside getting enough rest yourself...

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She said what...'you're a little big' !!?? Lock

Hi ya, I was told by a complete stranger at the pools I was a little big! What the hell. I'...

4 replies

Yes agreed! I mean I'm a size 14, not enormous! I would hate what she would have said to someone bigger!


Post Natal Arthritis Lock

When my son was around 3 months old I started having problems with my knees. I found it really h...

18 replies

Hi ladies, This is interesting. I suffer from chronic (long term back problems) but since the birth not only has my back got a lot ...


Sick of clingy fabrics! Lock

Dear maternity and nursing wear manufacturers, Please stop making your garments in hideously thi...

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Pre existing back problems and pregnancy Lock

Hi ya, I've had pre existing back problems for about 10 years and am now thinking about co...

2 replies

Hi there, I don't know how I missed this and have just seen it! Thank you very much for your reply. It's nice to know oth...


Feeling annoyed - weight comment Lock

Hi ya, Today I was at the pools after a session working out in the pools, relaxing in the spa. T...

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Lonely and a stay at home mum Lock

I'm a stay at home mum with a 21 month old toddler. My partner works long hours so I'm ...

4 replies

Local library, baby time, toddler time etc. Free activity that gets you out of the house and lets you meet new/other mums.


Partner's lack of understanding and laziness - STRESSED Lock

Hi there, I am new to this group but I was really looking for somewhere that I can come to speak ...

4 replies

Kayla_R wrote: Hi there, I am new to this group but I was really looking for somewhere that I can come to speak to like minded peopl...


Slipping over 8 weeks after having my baby Lock

Has anyone else fallen over after giving birth? I fell about 2 months after having my daughter on...

2 replies

Thanks for your reply. I see a Physio and Chiro and am keen to get back in to yoga again. I saw an Ayurvedic massage therapist yeste...


Kingaroy QLD Lock

Any there any educated, (previously) working mum's around Kingaroy?

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The Flow - icky topic Lock

I had no complications and thankfully no tearing through labour. So I had no stitches... I am now...

5 replies

Thank you all so much! I feel better now. I think I am just being a little bit impatient. I will mention it to my midwife just in c...


how are u lossing your mumny tummy? Lock

Hi just wondering how everyone is loosing their extra skin after having a baby?

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