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Best Formula for Baby? You had any problems with any of them??? Lock Rss

I am going to introduce my darling 4mth old baby to formula. I only know that the S26-Gold is probably the best. Is that right?? Is there anything which you think is great? I've seen a number of different brands.. The Kuture is the cheapest, I've noticed..

i use s26 gold for my son and i have had no problems with it...

I have found that there is no one "best" formula, as all babies react differently.

My hospital suggested that Karicare, Nan or S26 were the better formulas - but it can really vary between each baby.

I know many people who have found that S26 constipated their babies, but others have had no problems with it.

In my experience - DD was horribly constipated on Karicare Gold. We switched to Nan HA Gold, and it has been fantastic for her.

It is sometimes just a case of trial and error to see whether a particular formula will agree with your bubs. Good luck smile
I started my little one on formula about a month ago, shes 7 months next week. We started on S26 but noticed that her poos were more solid and she was getting abit constipated, were now on Heinz Nurture Gold 2 and she is doing quiet well on that. Ive noticed its a thinner consistancy.
Good luck with it.

My bub has been on s26 since the day she was born, she got a bit constipated when she was about 3 weeks, so i just put drops in her milk until she was all good, i have had no problems since. I have been told but not to change formula unless it is absolutley necessary because it can damage their tummy and digestive system.
I have to agree with one of the ladies previous. The is no "best" formula, they all have to reach a particular standard so no brand is better than another. They just work in different ways. Some are thicker to keep baby fuller longer and some aren't. I tried all the formulas and the only one my DS would take was the Nuture, no not the gold he wouldn't have a bar of it just the Nuture original and since then I can not swap him and that seems to be the cheapest formula around as well. It hardly constipated him which was good when we were weaning him onto it so in the end all you can do is try them all out and see what your baby likes best.

alyce xo

Drops of what did u put in?
I brought the sample 6 stick packs of s26 and the Heniz. Its on special in Coles (s26 for $15.99) but I think I'll just see how she handles it. My plans were always to exclusively breastfeed for 6mths but she is refusing to have the bottle (of expressed milk) completely at the moment and I think I should start preparing her for food. And I can concentrate on dieting - that sounds selfish.

Heinz Nuture is fantastic and its cheap also. Up til 6 months i was told to use heinz gold but as soon as bubs is on solids it fine to go to heinz nuture.
I found s26 made my son constipated. He is on NAN HA gold and I havent had a problem since. My CHN recommended this one. Terry White chemist sell most formulas cheaper then coles or safeway. Safeway sell NAN for $22 ad Terry White sell it for $17.95. IGA are the most expensive $25.00 for formula what a joke!
[Edited on 04/10/2007]
Hi Newmum25 i used coloxyl drops for infants in her formula.
DD had really bad reflux when she was younger and because of this she was bringing up her meals and loosing weight so I had to comp with formula. I used normal S26 at first and she took to it well but since I switched to S26 gold she has been thriving and i've had no problems at all.
Hi! i use s26 gold and I haven't had any problems with it. I guess its all trial and error. That was the first one we tried and it agreed with ds. Good luck in finding the right formula!!!
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