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I have just begun taking Maddisyn to swimming lessons, a mum and bubs group where we both go in the pool for half an hour and sing nursery rhymes while doing water activities, its more about water awearness at this stage.

My problem is i seem to kind of struggle when it comes time to get out, and get both Maddisyn and myself dry and dressed, at the moment i wrap her up in a towel and lay her in her pram and dry her and dress her and then dry and dress myself, this all sounds very simple in writing but is difficult to do, there is a fold out portable change table that you can bring out ,but the group is semi large and unless you are first to get to the change table you miss out, well you dont miss out but i think its better to dry and dress bub straight away rather than have her wet even when wrapped in a towel for 10 minutes or more, its not at the local pool but more like a home based bussiness set up where it is a indoor heated pool so there is no parents room and the area around it isnt too big so becomes a little squashy, im hoping this becomes easier the more that i do it.

I go with another mum from my mum and bubs group, but both of us are getting our daughters ready at the same time and when one of us goes into get changed ourselves the other one watches both bubs.

I realise all the mums are in the same boat here but most of them seem to handle it fine so i wonder why i seem to struggle, it ends up taking me about half an hour to get ready and then i wonder if bubs is as dry as i would want her to be.

I was just wondering how many other mums take their bubs/toodlers swimming and is there any easy way of getting them and yourself ready after getting out of the pool.

Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi Sherrie, I've been taking DS to 'swimming' lessons since he was 6months old he's now 17months. It is sooo much easier now that he can walk, I just run the shower on warm and he stands under there and rinses off with me. When I've finished I dress and dry myself while he's still happy and warm under the shower. I don't even bother to try and put his nappy on while he's lying down (losing battle!!) so I dry him off and put his nappy on while he's standing up (I've perfected this art now!) That way I can dry and dress him anywhere- even if there isn't a change table. Also, after class, I take him over to the toddler pools and he plays around for a while until he gets a bit tired. Then we hit the showers and usually there is a family room free (beats chasing him around the communal room!) By the time we have left the car park he's asleep, sometimes with a biscuit hanging out of his mouth!!
I know it can be a drama but once you get a routine going it's great fun!!
Hi Sherrie

I know what a hassle it is! We go to a medium sized pool but the womens change rooms only have one change table and a long, old, kitchen type table! It's definately first in first dressed!

I grab what ever space i can and get Xander dressed. I've found that if i have his drink and a snack, most of the time a museli/ friuit bar, ready for him when he's finished i can keep him occupied long enough to get dressed myself. It was always a pain when he was younger because i couldn't let him down from the table/ bench/ seat once he was dressed because he'd be straight under the shower or sitting on the wet floor if he had half a chance!

We also went through a stage last winter when we would dress him in a snow suit. He'd wear it there and back, with only a nappy on underneath, and as soon as we got home i'd change him into his normal clothes. It was super warm and i didn't have to worry about him catching a chill after being inside the warm swimming centre. (we live in Melbourne)

Good luck, i hope you find a solution.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Our swiming centre has converted the sauna to a changeroom for babies which is so good. They placed change mats on the wooden benches that line the room and there is space on the bench below to place your bags. The room is run at slightly warmer than normal but not hot or stuffy - just enough to keep them from getting too cold. This changeroom is no more than 2 metres from the pool so we just head straight in their and get ready. Not all the mothers use it so I find we dont have a problem although admitedly we often get out of the pool before the final goodbye song and beat the rush as I like the extra room being 8 months preg!

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

I tried using the pram too, but It was just cramped & very difficult. What worked best while my babies were small, was to bring along my own padded change mat (padded so they wouldn't bang there heads) & an extra towel. I would just pop it on the floor next to the pram. Kneel down on the extra towel & change bub. You have so much more room to dry & dress them. Then pop baby into pram with a drink, then dry & dress myself.
I've been taking my son, aged 18 months, for a year now and have found it does get easier the more you do it.
As our lessons are at the local pool we are allowed to stay for a swim afterwards. We tend to take the kids into the relaxation pool (giant spa) and let them warm up and have a litlle play after our lessons. It also allows the others to get out and dressed before us.
We take 3 towels 1 to dry me, one for DS and another to wrap around myself when I'm out of the pool. I dress DS then pop him in the pram then I go get dressed either in the family room or the communal change room. It does take about 20 minutes though to get us both dressed and dried afterwards, but now I allow myself that time and then some.
Swimming is great for young kids to do, and I've found it has really haepled my son in other aspects of his development and life.

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my mum always came with me she would take my son and shower & dress him for me its impossible atm alone as i have 3 boys in consecutive lessons and now i dont need to get in the water at all but its still the dressing them & showering them i need mums help with

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi all, my mum also comes with me to swimming lessons - I don't even take her into the change room, mum and I dry and dress her on towels on the floor in the pool area - there are normally older kids running around, and mums letting them do it. It's slippery etc, so I've found his to be the best option.
Another query though...Mackenzy is 16 mths old, and we have just started our 3rd term of lessons. Last term I found that she was the only child in our group that had even been in a pool before, let alone already having had 1 term of lessons. That was OK because I wanted to reinforce all that we had already learnt. We have an inground pool, so I could practse with her at home also.This term, we have a diffeent teacher, and are ikn a group with a child about 5 mths younger, ad 2 chn who are about 6 months olde, and their skills are at a very different stage to Mack's. This week she was not interested very much, would not go to the instructor, and wouldn't try the things that were knew - not to mention how cool the water was...and often is. Is it worth me still taking her? I'm thinkig about waiting until later in the year, when we can also use our own pool to reinforce things?
Any advice would be great

Sorry to go on!!
why not ask to be switched into another group. We had the same problem last term with our group being 1/2 filled with first timers who were months younger than our kids. Our teacher saw the problem and we had another class made up, only problem was we had a different teacher who I find is very good also.
We are now still in our 'new class' with others from my mg who have donw it from the start with us so my son knows the other kids also.
My dilema is now about what to do next term as I'm due to have baby #2 midway through.
I have the options of
*finding someone to help me and watch the baby whilst I'm in the water with DS;
*putting baby in the creche at the pool and extra cost;
*or switching to Saturday morning lessons, which I'm not overly keen on, but at least DH can help.

Our old teacher said she'd take my son in with her in the pool whilst I recovered from the birth, and until bubs was 6 weeks old and was old enough to go into the creche at the pool. But then what if he/she needs a feed as I plan to BF.

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Hi Kristy

I had the same problem, but luckily hubby could work afternoon shift on fridays when we went swimming. Our pool has a free creche if you're in the pool with another child, and we found the woman who runs it fantastic.

I'd always feed #2 just before we left for the pool, regardless of if it was time for his feed, and then again as soon as i got home. He never had a problem and was very good for the creche. Now he's on formula it's a lot easier!

Double check the creche at your pool. I know ours doesn't advertise the fact that it's fee unless you ask them.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

hi how old should the child be for swimming lessons is it better when they can walk say 1 year old my bub is 6 and 1/2 months


helen my boys were all 6 months when we started lessons

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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