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I'll be travelling overseas with DS in Feb 05 (DS will be 12 months by then). Honestly, I'm quite nervous not knowing how DS would behave during the flight.

Would appreciate very very much if you have any tips to share about what to bring on board or what to do when bubs misbehave (and subsequently agitate fellow travellers on board).

thank you all & cheers,
ps. The flight is a 7 hr flight with one stopover (2 hours). Then another 2 hours flight.

I know what you mean - the thought of flying with a baby is scary. We had a four and a half hour flight when my son was 10 weeks old and I was so nervous! To my delight he slept all the way and was no problem at all! we have a holiday scheduled for Febraury which I am nervous about as Lochie will be 14mths and I know he won't want to sit down for that long and I am not sure if he will sleep as there will be too much going on! I am going to take lots of food (which he will be happy about as he will eat all day if he could!), some books and some small toys to try to keep him amused. My main fear is him playing up and other travellers giving me the evil stare (probably like I used to give before I had a child!!!!). Hope all goes well.

My babies are all grown up sad

The main advice is make sure they are sucking on a bottle or something when landing and taking off as this will help with ears blocking. I was pertrified of flying with my daughter last christmas when she was 10 months old and it was only for an hr. I would take plenty to play with so when they get sick of one thing there's something else there. are you able to book a seat with the babies cot so they can sleep? might be worth it. Also when booking in see if you can get the exit seat as there's usually more room and he'll be able to play on the floor and move around. We parents worry about everything and usually it's all ok and not worth the worry.
Hope you have fun. Where are you going anyway?

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

We will be going to Bangkok, Thailand for one month. I paid 10% of adult ticket price for my baby. But I think he will be too heavy to fit in the baby's cot. Also when he sleeps, he moves around so much. So I think it might be best to put him to sleep on the floor. I will bring extra towells to lay on the floor so he has something soft and clean to sleep on. My only concern is 'will he sleep during the flight'.? My baby is very active and he gets excited when there are lots of people. He wants to talk to them all even though he can't even say a word yet.

Another worry I have is whether he will settle when we get to my parent's place in Bangkok. Everything is all new to him. We will arrive in Bangkok at 11pm (which is about 3am Sydney Time)...... and I'm sure I will be very ready to sleep and rest..... Praying very hard that all will go well and that we will all be able to rest and sleep.
Hi kookymom,
I enquired about getting a seat in the exit aisle when I travelled (thought the extra space would be good) and was told they don't allow babies or children in these seats as the people in these seats have to be able to help in an emergency situation. This was with Qantas.

My babies are all grown up sad


We took our son to England when he was 6mths and he wasn't really too bad. Your son will most likely be too big for the cots, Xander only just fit in on the way home at 7 months old, and they really are a hassle. You have to remove them every time the seatbelt light comes on, so we'd find that he'd just settle down and then we'd have to get him up again. It was good at meal times though as we could sit him in it and eat without having to juggle him around.

You will probably be told off for putting him on the floor - they really don't like it. It's considered a flight risk, kind of like leaving your onboard luggage in the wrong spot!!

Ask for your meals to be delivered at different times, they'll put one away for you if you ask and then warm it when you're ready. Ring the flight assistant bell as many times as you need to! They really don't mind helping out and if they have some quiet time will probably take him off your hands for a little while so you can stretch in peace.

You can take your pram with you until the very last minute. They take them from you at the gate and load them on last. It can be a hassle collecting them at the end of the flight but we found it very helpful.

Also, if you have a stop over anywhere, ask your travel agent to organise a courtesy car to take you to the gate you need if it's different to the one you land in. We stopped in Dubai and 30 minutes to rush from gate 3 to gate 42! You don't get the pram off for stopovers and we had a tonne of hand luggage!

You might be pleasantly surprised by the flight, my son loved the background hum of the engines and slept for ages.

No advice for when you get there, I had very little sleep for 4 weeks and my husband ended up sleeping on the couch so I could sleep with our son!

Good luck and sorry this is so long

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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