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Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for travelling in the car with baby. My daughter is almost 6 months, is breastfed and having 3 solid meals a day. We are about to embark on a 5-6 hour car trip. If anyone has any tips on best time of day to travel or easy foods etc (anything that may help the trip go smoothly!)please let me know!
Hi Kj! I found the best time of day to travel with my son is usually in the mornings. I make sure he's had a good feed before we set off and he sleeps most of the way. I also try and stop just after he wakes up to give him another feed and little bit of attention, then i just make sure he has alot of toys within reach while he is awake.
I hope that will be at least a little helpful.
Hi KJ,

We often go on trips to our parents for the weekend. We make it a long weekend as a normal weekend isn't long enough when everyone wants to catch up and the trip is a lot longer now with the baby. The trip used to take about 3½ hours and now it can take about 5.

We found that being prepared is the key. We try and leave as soon as we can after his bottle. Whenever you would normally think it okay to put the baby in the car seat. So we have to have the car packed before then. We give him some toys to play with and he spends a lot of time looking around too. Once he goes to sleep he does sleep a lot longer, too, so if we are nearly there and he is coming due for a feed we can sometimes make it and then feed him.

I also pack a thermos and that way we can have a cuppa if we have to stop somewhere where there are no real facilities and feel like a break and if he needs a bottle I can be heating it up in the travel mug while organising ourselves for a cuppa or pulling in to find a suitable park or changing his nappy. It does take a few minutes to heat his bottle, but you can also get a mug that plugs into the cigarette lighter to heat up quicker.

We also find now that we need to stop to feed him his solids in between bottle feeds and give him a drink of water.

We generally find one stop about 1½ to 2 hours into the trip gets us there.

We find also if we travel at night, then he is more likely to sleep and he is more comfortable as far as sun and heat, etc. Although, we have a pair of Window Sox and they are fantastic because you can also have the window down if you need some fresh air. He has also dropped his last bottle in the last week, so if we are travelling at night from now on we probably won't have to stop after his veges until we get there and then change his nappy and straight back to bed.

Oh yeah. Don't forget to pack a pillow or something like a banana pillow, as you never know where you are going to be when you do have to feed and as I said if you are in the middle of nowhere you can still sit in the car and feed the baby in comfort. Most servos and travel stops and even some of the big stations don't have much if anything in the way of facilities for changing or feeding babies, so the car is a good alternative. I also keep my little mag lite handy, so I can check on him occasionally without putting the big light on and risk disturbing him or the driver.

Good luck. They are great adventures and you will soon get a routine established. Just remember to keep your nappy bag, thermos, pillow and goodies handy so you can reach them easily. I often start heating up the bottle while we are driving looking for somewhere to pull over so we are ready to go as soon as his nappy is done. It can take quite a few minutes sometimes to find a suitable place to pull over and that could be a few too minutes as far as the baby is concerned.

Hi KJ,

A few more things I forgot before. I usually take food with us that he can eat cold. Sometimes he eats veges that are cold but it's usually easier to give him some fruit or custard, something that is easier for him to eat and easy to prepare. Don't forget the container to put the leftovers in and perhaps the little lunchbox with a brick and you can put your food/drinks/milk for coffee in. We also talk to him as we are going along every now and then just to make him feel like he hasn't been left alone. I forgot before that you weren't bottle feeding your little one but I guess it will come in handy later or for someone else. Maybe a hat will come in handy if she will wear one as it might keep the sun out of her eyes if it's coming through the front of the car.

Don't forget that after spending a long time in the car seat the baby can get quite warm, too. It's not like a normal seat, they seem to get warm quickly and they can't move around to get comfortable like we can, so don't dress her too warmly. It can be easier just to keep a rug handy and tuck around her if it gets cool. We also have a little mirror that attaches to the front of the windscreen or visor and I can keep an eye on him all the time without turning around and if my hubby is driving I use it on my side so I don't have to turn around so often. If your baby is also inclined to drop her head when asleep you can buy a little cushion and inflate it and prop it under her chin to stop her head from falling and being like that for a couple of hours. We have one and even though it doesn't sit under his chin, it fits just on each side of his head and still stops it from falling and doesn't affect his breathing or anything and we can put it there after he has fallen asleep without waking him up.

Just in case this one comes through first, I posted a reply a little while ago and this is some extra info.

Good luck. Enjoy your first trip away together.

Thankyou so much for all this wonderful advice! We survived the trip with only a few tantrums because she fought sleep as hard as she could and would eventually drop off mid cry. It took about 1 1/2 hours longer than last time we did the trip childless. However, the hat came in very handy as she despises the sun in her eyes (don't we all). Overall it went quite well, now we're just trying to get back into some kind of routine after holidays!

Thanks again girls!
Hi my name is Amanda we are about to do the same thing, as you.

We are going to be travling down to Victoria just before the chrstmas break to stay with my husband side of the family over christmasand new year we have an eight year boy and a six month old prem baby.

MY tips are:-
Try to travel over night that is when MOST baby's have there sleep, and with the feed put the food into some thing that will not make a mess every were.



Drop me Email on:- [email protected]


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